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Did some Christian site close down or something?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) September 5th, 2010

There seems to be an influx of religious jellies lately.

Which is fine by me.

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All who behave well are welcome.

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That’s a good thing, I think. Although fluther has made me feel less alone in the world, where it often feels like I am the only atheist, it would be good to see the scales a little more balanced.

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I thought there’d been an influx of kids, to judge by a recent rise in Angst and relationship (boyfriend, Mom) questions.

Maybe an influx of religious kids?

Perhaps it’s just that a little cluster of similar questions will set off a chain reaction of questions of the same type, and if we notice them in conjunction with a lot of new names, it seems like a wave of incoming. Could just be fluther business as usual, which does seem to run in cycles.

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Was a Christian site? I never thought so. I know on here when I’m having a slow day at work then I’ll cruise the Siblings posts that come up with the new ones to look at stuff so maybe like @Jeruba says, people brainstormed.

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^ If had been a Christian site, then it would have been redundant; I meant a Q and A site, like fluther or – but for Christians. I won’t list their names and questions – but there was a batch of them.

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@zen_ AnswerBag must be in turmoil again…they give lots of religious spam

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Oh my, I hope you’re not talking about! It’s not Christian but it was very open to all. Drat if it’s true.

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I was wondering the same thing . . . (and again I say, Zen, get out of my brain pan) . . .

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No, there is a movement going around the MySpace/Facebook crowd encouraging them to take God’s word to the Q & A sites, with lists of sites to join.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Yes, my niece and nephews told me about it. Apparently the word is being spread at teen religious meetings as well.

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So, this is like the ‘Digg Patriots’, only they’re more ‘MySpace Christians’? Odd.

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That just seems to happen sometimes, for some reason. A bunch of questions all in a row all about the same kind of thing but @YARNLADY is that right? Is there actually a movement to “witness” to Q&A sites? Do you have any info on this one? It could be. I notice that in the letters to the editor to my local paper and I always imagine a small group of people sitting around someone’s dining room table, clutching their talking points and pledging to write their letters. Anyway, I certainly wish them the best of luck:-), but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are in for a very bumpy ride, to say the least.

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@lillycoyote I am not on any of that type site (facebook, myspace) but my niece, nephews, and grandsons have told me this is true. There was also a report about it on one of the news sites (USA?), but I don’t have an exact source.

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@YARNLADY Thanks for the heads up anyway. I bet I can do a little sleuthing and find out. I like to keep abreast of what the proselytizers are up to. It amuses me.

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Well, they can’t change me. As far as I’m concerned, Ben and Andrew are God; Auggie is the High Priestess and the jellies are my brothers. Fluther is not a cult, I tell you, it’s NOT!

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Bless you, zen. Now kiss my ring. :p

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@YARNLADY Reallyy??? What a bizarre movement!!! confused look

Well, everyone(without an agenda) is welcome, I say!

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@YARNLADY – I heard about that too.

Well, perhaps we can save a few of those fundamentalist missionaries. We should not drive them away. They are human beings who have to realize that other people do challenge their assumptions. So I think we should give them a second chance. They have to learn to appreciate other views and other beliefs. I said this in the

thread: we seem to be a crowd culture. It happens in real life. And it can happen on Fluther. One crowd against one young Christian woman who is confused about the relationship of humans and monkeys. At some point, and this sometimes happens, when a creationist really becomes aggressive, it’s okay to be more direct and be clear that such behavior is not acceptable.

I think all of us should feel responsible for the culture of Fluther. Moderators can’t do this on their own. Being the more forgiving one is difficult and we have to speak out when we encounter unacceptable behavior or views like the one expressed by the Muslim girl who thought people who draw Muhammad deserve to die for hurting her feelings. Yet the only way to help her change is through dialogue. The deletion of Fluther accounts ends these kinds of dialogues.

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