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What are your least favorite four words? Bonus: Four most favorite?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) September 5th, 2010

Mine are “The system is down.”

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You can’t do it.

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We’re out of coffee.

Daddy I love you.

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My four favourite words are:

Comfy and

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Hmm… are we talking words in phrases? Am I judging them based on the implications of the word, or the sound?

I’ll just answer using all of these criteria.

Words in phrases:

Favorite- I really appreciate you.
Least favorite- You aren’t good enough.

Based on content/definitions/implications:

Favorites- Liberty, honor, mercy, lucidity
Least favorites- Control, submission, stagnation, disregard

Based on actual sound:

Favorites- Celluloid, exquisite, fabulous, ethereal
Least favorites- spongiform, dendrites, dentist, masochist

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If I’m being serious, probably something like “I like raping women”.
But if I’m not, it’s “A paper is due [ie this coming Monday, 23 pages, single spaced (because I hate my eyes)]

Favorite: There’s tea and chocolate.

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Least Favorite words:

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Phrases, please. Should have been more specific.

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“The glib crusty plooker.”

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My favorite four words are: “I love you Tara.”

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Least favorite:
“No! No! No! No!”; “you wont like this”; “this is going to hurt”; “look out, here comes_____”

Most favorite:
“Good morning, Beautiful”; “I bought you a new____”; “I love you, Mom”; “you make the best____ ”

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Least favorite 1.N*gger 2.Retard 3.C*nt 4.Goober
Most favorite 1.Love 2.Mom 3. Sweetie 4. Baby

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Least favorite: We have to talk.
Most favorite: I really love you.

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@Nicole8 “we have (need) to talk” is the worst damn phrase ever.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Along with “you’re a great guy/girl”

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I… thank… you… all!

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@papayalily, what a coincidence… I heard that one today.

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@papayalily, thank you dear.

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fav: your check is enclosed.
least: Sorry; Out of Order

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Just reading those words made my heart sink.

Favorite… hmmm.. ‘Want to make out?’

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