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Ever loved a person while being "in love" with someone else?

Asked by Lorenita (735points) September 5th, 2010

I mean in a relationship context. Have you ever loved your boyfriend or girlfriend, but at the same time, have you been in love with someone else? a close friend perhaps or whoever? .. if so, what did you do?

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Absolutely. What I did was to not act on my feelings for the other person. Some people can handle that sort of thing. But I find being in a relationship with just one woman is more than enough for me.

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Yes. I’ve been in a relationship where I loved the person but I didn’t love the relationship or how I was treated by that person. I fell in love with someone else who had been giving me respect, admiration, emotional comfort and some very good ideas about what good love could be. I didn’t act out physically with that person, I didn’t plan or ever expect to but I did fall in love with the idea of them.

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No. I’ve always just been madly in love with myself and serious like/love with a select few who were madly in love with me as well.

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After been through a messy divorce it’s fair to say I’ll never go down the marriage road again.. I have met a lot of friends & acquaintances in the almost eleven years since then & I love & have loved them all & still do to varying degrees & they me to varying degrees …..single Dom isn’t for everyone, it’s just more secure for me. besides I prefer to share the love, be a free spiri, it’s what works for me & my close friends :-/

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I’ve always found that when I’ve been truly in love with someone there is no room for loving another in that way… I have been in a relationship with someone and fallen in love with another but this only served to open my eyes to the fact that I wasn’t in love with the man I was in a relationship with and hence, was time to move on

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This is an example of equivocation. I love lots of people-my children, old friends, military comrades etc. I am in love with my current girlfriend. Love implies the highest level of respect and/or affection. The phrase “in love” implies something valuable and exclusive and has a distinct romantic connotation. Love and in love. Two different things. But these days, people are always changing the meanings of words and phrases without any convention whatsoever. So I am sure this comment thread will be interesting.

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