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Do Wendy's and McDonald's use the same chicken meat suppliers?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22642points) September 5th, 2010

I just ate some chicken nuggets from Wendy’s and discovered the same boot shape that McDonald’s uses. Could it be the same machinery/stamp is used by different meat processors? Wendy’s chicken has a cruncy breading while McDonald’s uses a crunchy batter stuff.

This is the crap I eat while at work

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Who knows. I doubt that Wendy’s or McDonald’s even uses real chicken. Or at least it’s not chicken by the time they get through with it.

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From what I could fine, this article states that Keystone Foods is McDonald’s chicken supplier and this suggests that Pilgrim’s Pride is Wendy’s chicken supplier.

I worked for both places when I was a teenager and their boxes were different, but I really don’t remember the names on the boxes. Their nuggets taste very different to me, so I would be surprised to find out they got them from the same play. Perhaps the misshaped nugget was just a mess up of some kind.

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@Seaofclouds: I don’t think the nuggets taste the same either but I’m wondering if nugget makers use the same machinery to press and stamp out the shapes. I’ve been recognizing “The Boot” in McNuggets for over 30 years, I stopped short of putting it in my mouth to check the bag.

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@Neizvestnaya It’s possible. It could have been a mess up though. When I worked at both McDonald’s and Wendy’s we use to have some that would be stuck together when we got them. They looked really funny.

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It’s essentially going to be from one of four places anyway – producers pretty much have only four choices of chicken slaughter and distribution companies to sell their product to anymore.

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