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If ghosts are made of energy, then why don't ghosts entropy or dissipate?

Asked by mhunne (6points) September 5th, 2010

The concept of ghosts is nuclear hot in popularity. Defined as a human spirit trapped in this dimension, a ghost is universally accepted by the paranormal community as being made of energy. Frequently the first law of thermodynamics is appealed to to support the concept of earthbound spirits.However, the second law of thermodynamics states (very simply) that energy clusters will dissipate immediately,unless modified from outside. In other words, ghosts(who are allegedly pure energy) contradict 2nd law.

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Ghost myths simply don’t adhere to the laws of science. If they were pure energy, they would also only last a certain amount of time thanks to Newton’s Law of Exponential Decay.

Anyone who appeals to science to back up their unscientific fantasies is deluded. I don’t mind if people want to believe in ghosts, but please don’t muddy the name of science in the process.

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@FireMadeFlesh Newton’s Law of Exponential Decay? Hunh? There’s these three. There’s gravitation. I’m not aware of any other ‘laws’ due to him.

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Well since ghosts are the product of science fiction or fantasy, you can do whatever you want with them. It’s kind of like antigravity in Star Trek. You can make up all the physics you want to to explain your point.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop My maths teacher told me that exponential decay was attributed to him. Maybe the confusion came from Newton’s Law of Cooling ('s_law_of_cooling#Equations_.28Newton.27s_law_of_cooling.29).

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Well i believe that ghosts are just folk lore for people to get over the lost of someone when they pass away or to scarw someone. when you get really scared you start to see stuff or hear stuff so idk that my opion . Its not that i dont believe i just have to see it to believe it, sorry

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