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What do you think of jellyfish?

Asked by OwlofHappiness (406points) September 5th, 2010

I know that everyone here probably sees them as the icon of Fluther, but what do you really think of them? Personally, I think they are fascinating and beautiful. They are also a bit terrifying. What about you?

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I was once stung by a portuguse man of war. It sucked :(

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I think they’re a nuisance. They come in close to shore and the beaches get closed. And when they sting, it hurts like hell.

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I think they are beautiful also. I like the ones that don’t sting. The other ones however, are beautiful too but the marks they leave aren’t. They can get pretty annoying when your just minding your business and they sting the crap out of you.

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Stinging sounds like it sucks. I don’t live by an ocean, so I’ve never experienced that.

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I think they are pretty fascinating, too :)

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I think they’re delicious.

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HATE them. They took over the beach and ocean while I was on vacation this summer. One stung the daughter of the people I was with and it sucked.

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They are beautiful, and contribute much more to the planet than humans ever have. Anyone angry because they have gotten stung before, jellyfish do not have eyes (at least not in the human sense, some have light-sensing organs), or even brains (again, in the human sense. They have no central nervous system, but several interconnected neurons). They didn’t know what they were stinging, they just got rubbed up against.

Arp, speaking on behalf of jellyfish everywhere.

jellyfish can’t speak very well :(

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They taste delicious and are great with steamed chicken.

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I really like them, as long as they don’t sting. They are very pretty!

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