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What is your idea of the perfect, three day summer weekend?

Asked by jca (36054points) September 5th, 2010

if you could spend your idea of the perfect, 3-day summer weekend doing whatever you wanted, however you wanted, what would you do?

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I’d spend it with my husband and son on vacation. We’d be away somewhere (maybe a lake or camp somewhere). Just the 3 of us, relaxing, and enjoying our time together. The cell phones would stay off unless we needed them and we wouldn’t have our computers with us.

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Friday: Arrive in woods with 5 or 6 of my best male friends. A few hours of target and clay pigeon shooting. Build crude hut and scavenge fire wood. Roast a chicken or something else dead and yummy over the fire. Drink Jim Beam all night and shit bricks when we realize that coyotes dragged off the rest of our food without us noticing. Sleep (eventually and fitfully)

Saturday: Go fishing, drink Killian’s, and go back to town to stock up on Taco Bell.

Sunday: Clean up campsite. Drop the guys off at their respective domiciles. Stay the night with the lady.

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A non-lethal reenactment of Battle Royale on a small secluded island.

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With enough money to finance it? I would have all my family stay at our rented beach condo.

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I want to do what @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard is doing.
or just camping with the Family is good with me.

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Good booze, friends, corn on the cob, music, back porchin, 85 degrees or less.

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Wayell, don’t know about three days, buuuttt, for the next three weeks I’m heading to Chicago and New York to photograph nearly 100 new faces prospective models. That’s not the perfect part. The perfect part is that Stephanie is my companion travelling Stylist Extraordinaire… and I do mean Extraordinaire.

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Relaxing with family, no washing anything or doing any chores, eating whatever I want and just sleeping it or going shopping, have a lot of money and just buy without even thinking of how much money I’ve spent.

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hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, beer, bbq, friends, sun, pool, ice, beer, advil, no hangovers :)

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Movies and popcorn on my couch with the girl I like.(good movies not bad weekend movies)

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Hiking/camping in the Black Hills. No cell phone, no way to be contacted.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’ve always 1–2 of my female friends along instead of the 5–6 guys.

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2 nights and 2 days in Disneyland staying at the Disneyland Hotel, room service breakfasts, surf & turf dinners at night and lunches inside the park at the Blue Bayou! Champagne and fruit tray would be in the room at night along with fresh flowers and candles lit everywhere :)

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Anything besides mine. Spent Saturday showing off bike parts to German consumers (I don’t speak German), spent 25 hours travelling home on Sunday. But Monday I get to hang out, drink coffee until noon with my wife and go for a long ride in the afternoon.

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If I had enough money I would visit another city like Chicago, or San Francisco

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Go to a very nice cabin in some forest with a private lake for swimming and lounging around with no blackberries of phones with my hubby.
For comfort I would appreciate some other cabins in the area around the lake only not so close we can hear each other or have to share the same lot. Just want people nearby in case of an emergency.

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Stranded on a desert island with a hot hooker and a bottle of good booze. We’ll see what develops.

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