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To doubt is a virtue. Isn't it?

Asked by giovannidelacasa (35points) September 5th, 2010

I am not sure I wanted really to write about this but now it’s done.
I watched this movie: Doubt, a movie based on a Pulitzer Prize Winning Play.
It’s about a school in the Bronx, it talks about a nun who grows suspicious when a priest begins taking too much interest in the life of a young black student. The nun becomes convinced that the priest has, or is planning to have, an improper relationship with the child. At the end everyone is cleared out and the priest gets promoted. So doubts ruin lives.
To be a priest and to be pedophile are a contradiction in terms.

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I quibble with the word doubt. To question is a virtue.

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At the end everyone is cleared out and the priest gets promoted.

This counts as ruining lives to you? (I assume by “cleared out” you mean the guy is innocent)

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I’m with @YARNLADY. To question is a virtue; to not simply accept things without question is a virtue. But I don’t think doubting things without question, as a rule or a general approach is any more virtuous, or rational for that matter, than accepting things without question.

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@YARNLADY You’re full of wisdom. ’‘bows’’

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@lillycoyote but without doubt there would be no questioning.

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@Thammuz; it’s not really stated in the movie. Maybe yes, maybe not. But I refuse on a Faith argument to question the virtue of a Priest. If we start doubting that then we should go further and doubt even God.

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<holding my breath>

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@Thammuz Well, yes, that’s true but doubt in and of itself is not a virtue, in my mind.

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Question Authority!

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@giovannidelacasa No one, not a priest, not a president, and not a god, is beyond doubt. Question authority, indeed.

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@giovannidelacasa How are all those pedophilia charges going, by the way?

@augustlan Absolutely

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@Thammuz: Faith is a personal act: it is the free human response to the initiative of God who reveals himself. But faith is not an isolated act. We need the Church as a whole. The believer has received the faith from others and must be transmitted to others. It’s up to the Priest to choose the way. And there always be gossips around and people willing to defame God.

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@giovannidelacasa shit, i have to remember that proof, like the letters Ratzinger wrote about not involving the law effectively becoming an accomplice, doesn’t work on you guys.

Or do you mean that if the priest decides to spread the faith via buttsex on minors then it’s fine?

Have fun living in your fantasy black and white world, i just hope you’ll never be stupid evil enough to cover up something out of faith.

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I doubt it.

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Maybe… maybe not.

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Doubting, like having good intentions, is of dubious value.

Noble, positive actions, including questioning authority, are virtuous.

Doubting is passive and like worrying, accomplishes and changes nothing.

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Doubting brought us Descartes, arguably one of the finest minds ever to honor our species by belonging to it.

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