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I HATE photobucket, but that's where our Jelly pics are. Is there an alternative?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) September 5th, 2010

A flickr account, anything?!?! Navigating photobucket for me is like trying to play the piano with my nose. Trust me, it’s awkward. Can we/do we have another place to flutherize our faces?

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Yes, there are two or three flickr accounts as well. Just go to your flickr account and type Fluther in the ‘explore’ box.

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As @YARNLADY says, there are a few others, but none as all-encompassing as the photobucket group is. It was made by a member, who then asked a question (Something like “What do you look like? Post a picture here.”) to get the word out.

I’m sure you could do the same on flickr, if you’d like to take on the chore.

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I have some hosting that has tons of storage and bandwidth.

I’m installing right now. We can see how that works.

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It is a bit complicated but it works. If you can figure out how to add images go nuts. I will work on making it easier to use later.

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@johnpowell I get “server not found”. :(

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If I understand this correctly.. you are looking for a photo sharing/storage site?
If so, I like to use

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@Whitsoxdude I think this user is asking for a Fluther photo sharing site, specifically.

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