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On Gmail addresses adding a + before the @ gives flexibility to the address. Does it work on other providers?

Asked by rexpresso (922points) September 6th, 2010

For example say my email is

If I use everything sent to that address will hit my inbox and I can filter through that characteristic.

Mostly I would like to know if this is a standard that can be used with other email providers.


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Never heard of it before, so it must be unique to Gmail. : )

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”...if your MailNull account name is ‘dave’ and you buy a book from, you could give the following email address to Amazon:…”

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@jaytkay interesting, MailNull gets the same result as Gmail yet doesn’t break the protocol. Well at least I presume Gmail has broken protocol, as so many web forms don’t allow one to enter a + sign in an email box.

A nugget of information anyway: if you registered you can put dots wherever you want and the mail will still reach you. and all the other combinations.

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