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Is there a way to add extra gigabyte space to hardware?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) September 6th, 2010

To usb flash drive, etc.

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I don’t think so…

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No. You could compres the data, and get more on the USB drive. Use winrar. It’s better than zip.

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You’re not asking a coherent question.

In the first place, there is no such thing as “gigabyte space”. Your computer more than likely has a “hard drive” of a certain size (most commonly measured in gigabytes these days) and you also have Random Access Memory (RAM) of (probably) a gigabyte or more.

You can get higher-capacity (more gigabytes) internal hard drives of the same physical size (so they’ll fit inside the box) for most computers, and you can also get external hard drives that connect by USB cable. You can also increase the RAM of most commercially available computers up to a maximum dictated by the design of the computer—usually more than most consumers could ever use effectively. And yes, you can also get larger and larger USB flash drives, too.

Does that help to answer what you meant to ask?

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No. The amount that it comes with is the maximum it can have.

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Probably you can engineer more on if you have the right equipment, but it would just be cheaper to get something new as mentioned in other replies.

Note: if you are thinking of a USB memory stick (which I think is the only thing you would need 1GB extra with), 4GB ones are pretty cheap nowadays – under $10 and 8GB under $16

And if you ever need more storage memory than that, external hard drives are excellent value.

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