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Wouldn't life, and even fluther for that matter, be so much simpler if everything had a 10 word review?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) September 6th, 2010

Check out this site

Try to comment here with exactly 10 words. No more, no less.


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People love to oversimplify complex situations. Often, ignores crucial data!

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@laureth Great to see you back Fluthering again!

Ten words do not capture the complexities of life.

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^ Flagged.

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“Love is not having to say you are sorry”.

Nine words say it all.

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I believe you have managed to answer your own question.

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^ Good Answer!

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I really love this question, I will give you lurve!

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. It’s not adequate always.

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I noticed that all @zen_ ‘s replies are less than ten. ;)

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I know right @zen_ doesn’t even follow his own rules.

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I’ll just link to the world’s most annoying noise instead.

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Only if you travel with Xena and fuck peeps up.

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Over-simplifying complex issues, as epitomized by TV soundbites, bumper stickers and protest signs, is one of the reasons political, religious, ethical and other kinds of “debates” in this country are too often reduced to left vs. right, right vs. wrong, good vs. evil—in short, us vs. them.

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^ So you agree it’s a great website?

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