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The West Wing fans: what episode is this quote from?

Asked by bob_ (21843points) September 6th, 2010

This thread reminded me of the quote “When God starts talking to people it kinda limits the debate” (as quoted here). I can’t remember the episode where this took place. Can you?

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I’m not sure, but I imagine it was in reference to the fat pastor and his hateful colleague, Mary Somebody. They were the ones who barged in on the first episode to demand that the White House kowtow to the Christian Right. You know, the fictitious ones.

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I loved that episode. Also the one when the President rails against God in the church and winds up throwing his cigarette on the floor. Powerful stuff, so beautifully written.

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@syz Um, that’s the link I posted in the details… and it does not list the episode.

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Update: it’s from Faith Based Initiative.

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