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Are there any Christian parents out there who walk around naked or somewhat clothed in front of their children?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 6th, 2010

There’s some regular, ordinary parents out there who sometimes walk around naked,or somewhat clothed(like for say just a bra on,no shirt on,etc),especially mostly mothers.It’s okay if the children are babies but some children that are growing up,preteens,teens and futhermore get annoyed by it or some other people find it innappropiate.

Since Christians always believe in covering up,do they cover up head to toe all the time even when children are or around their husbands and wives? Or does it also depend on their culture?

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Umm… I think it depends on the family..

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Yeah as @Whitsoxdude said, it depends on family. My family, my step-dad is not christian – he walks around in his pants and no shirt on. Me and my mother are Christian – Seventh Day Adventist. She walks around in her pants, am the only child and am pretty used to living alone with my mom so there is nothing to hide. Right now am living with her and me only, so when we are rushing for school and stuff we just walk around as you want.

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Since Christians always believe in covering up

Sounds like a pretty broad generalization, @ladyv900, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I ever heard it before. Educate me, please.

Oh, and if it’s true, I’m glad I’m Jewish. ;-)

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I don’t understand.
What makes you think “Christians always believe in covering up”?
I don’t know of any Christians wearing burkas, although some denominations do wear special clothing that cover a good portion of their bodies. (Like Catholic nuns)

I think it depends on their family and their culture, not always religion.

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I kind of think all very religious sects of the religions out there believe in covering up, not just Christians.

@wilma I don’t get the impression the OP is talking about a Burka, just dressing modestly compared to walking around in a bra and panties.

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Sorry people I didn’t mean to offend anyone about generalizing.I just used to go to the strict Chrsitian school(which I hated and didn’t stay long),but a lot of the teachers there said that everyone in the family and others needs to be fully clothed,to be considered respectful,holy,and modest.Yes they were very judgemental.

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Not especially related to religion, the way you clothe doesn’t matter very much in private so people can just become naturalists and stuff whenever they want.

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I know many Christian women who wear bikinis and one who is/was a stripper. I don’t know if she still strips
I have seen many Christian men who wear speedos. but I think that is aesthetically wrong in every way unless you are a young Mark Spitz

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The only way I can answer this without going off on a tangent is to simply answer the main question.


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Just to help out the OP here. Just recently on TV I saw a news spot about a new exercise and wellness facility near where I live that is a Christian center, and one of the things they mentioned in the interview, without even being asked or prompted by the journalist was that they require people to wear appropriate clothing, to be reasonably covered. In my gym (I live in the midsouth, it is VERY hot in the summertime) I have never seen someones belly button, when I lived in FL many of us were in bra tops and bicycle shorts in the gym, hell in the supermarkets. I find it a little odd, that people are so conservative in how they dress. So, to wonder if these same people behave differently when in the privacy of their home, does not see that unusual a question. I think some of it can be related to religion.

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Personally, I always wear at least a fig leaf covering the goods around the kiddos.

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What your teacher espoused was her own personal, conservative viewpoint, designed to promote guilt about nakedness.

Christian does doesn’t mean “moral” and non-Christian doesn’t mean “amoral.” Let’s just say that porn addiction outreach is alive and well in most Christian ministries, and leave it at that.

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My mom would sometimes go around in t-shirt and undergarments.

The point of modest dress is to keep the mind from places where it shouldn’t be, or from seeing things that ought not to be seen. For instance, it is commonplace in Italy for women to go topless at the beach; most of the female beachgoers who go topless are the ones that you wish would put something on.

@BarnacleBill In fact, Christianity has something of a moral code to it, which we hold to be the moral standard. While it is true that non-Christian things can still be moral, it’s more often the case that they are not. Porn addiction outreach exists because humans – and that includes Christians – are fallible.

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I think religion has very little to do with it, and has more to do with just how you are most comfortable. As much as I would prefer to be fiber free all the time, I want my kids to feel comfortable in their bodies, not mine and at the same time have a grounding as to what is considered “normal” in our society as far as nakedness is concerned.

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My firends parents as well as my parents are christians.. And hers leav the door open during sex sometimes.. But mine never do.. So I would say it depends on the family.

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i know some who do
some who don’t
it really depends on how christian they are

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@ladyv900 There are many different kinds of Christians, just like there are many different kinds of people from other religions. Some denominations ask for more modesty and/or “plainness” than others do.
Welcome to Fluther!

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@15acrabm, It doesn’t depend on how “Christian” they are. It depends on how modest they are. They are not the same thing.

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“Since Christians always believe in covering up”??????? LOL! Who have you been talking to? That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying, “All Christians believe sex is strictly for procreation.”

Oh and by the way, my bedroom door is rarely locked and I walk around naked in front of my daughters if I’m about to take a shower or whenever I’m getting dressed. My oldest teases me that she’s going blind and my youngest smacks my butt when I walk by.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I got it from some strict Christian teachers at some Christian school.

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Then they are bordering on morally insane, and are definitely NOT the norm. =0)

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@WillWorkForChocolate LOL yeah,it’s a good thing I only stayed there for only 2 months my mother thought they were totally dumb and yes,they were ver judgemental too especially when they brought up celebrities saying rap and rock are not moral and said that females like Keyshia Cole and Beyonce are not Chrisitians and called them “whores”.smh Also they kept sending me to the office because they said I showed too much leg for males attention and that it’s supposed to be over the ankle length when most of my skirts were just only off the ankle a little bit and it was still long.Even Adam and Eve were naked for crying out loud.

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Oh my goodness… what a group of horrible prudes. I would never survive in a place like that! I’m the type of smartass that would probably flash the nun if she told me my ankle length skirt was too short LOL!

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I thought I saw something about a Christian nudist group. I think if the kids are brought up in a casually clothed household, they won’t have too many problems if it continues into their teen years. However if the parents all of the sudden decide to go nudist, the pressure might be more than a teenage boy or girl could handle.

Nudity is neither right or wrong, it is a matter of how you are acclimated to it.

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I do not yet have teens or preteens and my son is only one year old. But I feel it’s okay to be undressed around younger children like in the bathroom and also older children of the same gender. I think it would be very inappropriate for a girl to see her father naked or for a son to see his mother naked or in underclothes.

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I’m one for two: Jewish, somewhat clothed.

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I think you may have inadvertently joined some paranoid religious sect! ‘KIDDING‘!! good job you got outta there……. I think any responsible adult would consider clothing in the presents of young kids even in today’s mixed up world were the fashion seems to be to wear as little as possible. Anyway, that said people should bring their kids up how they see fit, just some people have different values & moral codes to others…what is acceptable to one group of people might not be to some others, you just have to figure out where you fit in, in this life :-/
Thank God I’m an atheist! Lol…...

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@Scooby Thank God you’re an atheist? LOL! Love it!

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I guess God made me this way! :-/ Lol…....

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