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Any Nick Drake fans out there (details inside)

Asked by rebbel (28390points) September 6th, 2010

Are there Jellies out here, who are a fan of the beautiful work of Nick Drake?
If so, do you want to tell me which album of his is the most dearest to your heart?
And/or which single song?
Can you tell me how you came to know him and his music, is there a nice story attached to it?

I was in Greece in 2000, for some months, to take some me-time because i was healing from depression, when an other Dutch guy, a singer/songwriter himself, presented me with Pink Moon.
Maybe due to my state of being, i don’t know, but i cried when i (over and over again) listened to the cd.
Truly the most beautiful music ever to have heard.
I told my girlfriend back home about my ‘discovery’.
Coincidentally the television aired a documentary about him one of those days, so she watched it, and she was overblown, just like me.
When i came back home she gifted me his three cd box, which i cherish till this day.
This, i am afraid, is going to be a short thread, or are there more then @whatthefluther, @oneotherjellie and me who love Drake?

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You already know I am ;)

The first Nick Drake song I heard was “Fly” during The Royal Tenenbaums. I went online searching for the song and wanted to hear the rest of his music. Since then, I have purchased in entire discography (including the wonderful Family Tree album that was released.) I know a few music listeners who have told me they don’t like Nick Drake because of his drug history. I think that’s rather sad. He has such a beautiful story and I felt so utterly sad when I heard about the circumstances of his death. His whole life was turning around.

I don’t have a favourite album, but two songs are my favourites: “From The Morning” and “Saturday Sun”. I wrote a term paper on the former song for an Literary Theory course at my university. I treated the lyrics as poetry to establish how deconstruction can show how layered the literature of songs can be. I was overjoyed my professor let me use my favourite song for my paper.

One day, I was on the bus and my MP3 player was on random. There was this boy sitting across from me and he seemed so sad. I couldn’t stop watching him. I was going to ask if he was alright, but he pulled the cord and got off the bus. As he did this, I pulled back into my music and realized that Nick Drake was playing: “but when I remember those people and places they were really too good in their way.”

I could not stop crying. It was just such a beautiful moment.

It sounds silly, but he gives me such faith in the beauty of the world.

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See, how short it is, @muppetish :-) ?
Yeah, i am sorry, i could not for the love of it, remember who was that other Jelly that talked about him a while ago, but it was you.
Thanks for sharing that story, was a fine one!

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My son really likes him but I have yet to hear any. I will look out for him now, though, @rebbel .

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If you like melancholic music, you most probably will appreciate him, @janbb.
Allow me to present you with three of his songs 1 and 2 and 3

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Thanks @rebbel – they’re lovely. And here’s a present back for you. His voice and affect reminded me of one of my favorite English singers from the 1960s and 1970s – Bert Jansch. You might enjoy his stuff if you don’t know it.

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I am happy that you like him, @janbb!
And thank you for Bert Jansch, a lovely voice he has, i will definitely listen more of him tomorrow!

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yes, and he’s a magnificent guitarist too. Check out the group Pentangle that he and John Renbourn were in – another of the best of Britain’s folk guitarists.

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I will, i already read the Wilipedia on him/them!

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I have come to love Nick Drake over the past 10 years. I first heard him on TV (Pink Moon was in a Volkswagon commercial) and it intrigued me enough to look him up. I’ve been hearing his songs in movies ever since (Serendipity, Royal Tanenbaums, Garden State, Revolutionary Road). I don’t really know them as albums, just individual songs.

His music is totally original and very intimate and extremely meaningful to me. I keep coming back to it over and over throughout my life. His voice is so unique and his soul comes through very clearly. He holds a special place in my heart, alongside Jeff Buckley. His music is spiritual, evocative, and rejuvenates my soul – it feels like getting in a warm bath. Many of his songs remind of very specific people in my life.

Anyone who knows Nick Drake and does not love him is suspect.

My favourite Nick Drake songs are in this particular order:
Which Will (“Which will you choose now? If you won’t choose mine”)
Place to Be (“Now I`m older see it face to face”)
Know (“Know that I see you…”)
Time Has Told Me (“So I’ll leave the ways of making me be
What I really don’t want to be”)
One of These Things First

I could never really get into Hazy Jane though.

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@ftp901 “Many of his songs remind of very specific people in my life.” I can relate to this a lot. There’s even someone in a dream I had (whom I do not know in real life) who reminds me of the song “Time of No Reply”. Each time I hear that song, I think about the dream I had.

“Know” was the song from Revolutionary Road, right? I had the tune stuck in my head after I saw a teaser trailer and it followed me for ages until I finally remembered it was a Nick Drake song. I love funny coincidences like that.

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@muppetish Yes, Know was in the trailer for Revolutionary Road (although I don’t think it was in the actual movie) and I was so thrilled that it was used – I love that song.

Thanks for starting this thread @rebbel, it got me listening to Nick Drake tonight and it makes me feel relaxed and happy. I should definitely be listening to him more often, it’s naturally calming. I’m listening to From the Morning now and it’s so great (a day once dawned from the ground). He has a way of pointing out the miraculousness of life that we don’t even notice. His music reminds me of the best parts of myself.

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