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What is the next database upgrade after MS Access cannot handle the amount of data you have to process?

Asked by JonIngram (10points) September 6th, 2010

I have 1M+ records I need to be able to quickly manipulate and group for analysis. Looking for recommendations for a light weight tool as the team I manage are somewhat technically savvy but at the end of the day are more finance professionals than IT professionals.

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SQL Express I heard was a good option and it is free.

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Yep, SQL Server Express is an excellent free step up on the backend to hold and process the data. On its own SQL Server Express does not have much of an interface. It is usually used with something like Access, a web application or a custom Windows application on the front end for display, data entry, reporting, etc..

From within Access, that’s called a Microsoft Access project (.adp), using MS Access 2003 or later, it’s an option when you create a new database.

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