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If someone on Fluther had a crush on you, would you want to know?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21474points) September 6th, 2010

We spend loads of time together here and after getting peeks into people’s brains and such, I think it’s only natural to get crushes on one another.

We’ve had at least two Fluther crush threads, but those were more along the lines of whether you have one and whether you’d be willing to publicly admit it (some of you are way bolder than I!).

I’m curious to know whether my fellow Jellies would want to know if another person was secretly harboring a crush on them. Why or why not?

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I have a list of people I have a crush on around here.
They all know. I’m not very shy.

Would I want to know? Meh. It’d be a nice thought, but it wouldn’t phase me too much. I’m taken.

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Yes, I would want to know if someone had a crush on me. Why? Because I’m needing some attention at this moment in my life.

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Yes. Okay, crushers, you can start messaging me now…

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I wouldn’t want to know. In RL or here such things make me kind of uncomfortable. I’d like to think everybody’s crushing on me because I’m so bright and charming and witty and modest but I don’t want to know for sure…

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@hawaii_jake : You got me! I admit it! ;-)

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I wouldn’t want to know. I’d be flattered if someone did, but I’d be afraid that once they told me that it could make things awkward on Fluther for me.

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Sure. I’m off the market so I’d want them to know so they don’t spill sordid secrets.~

Really now, yeah. When a member of then I had a few crushes and even went so far as to develop a pretty serious flirtation over many months that led up to a weekend meetup across country. It would have never happened if that person hadn’t written and told me what was on their mind.

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I would. Fluther (and online sites as a whole) is sort of a unique way of connecting with people. It’d be interesting to see who had connected with me enough to develop a slight crush, and then try to understand why. It’d be interesting to see what aspects of my persona attract others. I imagine it would be for pretty much everybody else, too.

Also, I could go for a snuggle. Ladies?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Mememememememememememe! It can be a secret. shhhhh!

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I definitely would.. pretty much for the reasons you state, @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities. If someone likes me enough to have a crush (especially after all the things I have said here), what a huge personal compliment and an ego boost! I would be flattered and it would feel great to know that someone gets me. Actually, I think it would feel extra good because I’m more real on Fluther than I feel like I’m able to be in real life, so if you get me and like me here, that is incredibly personally validating!

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I would like to know.


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Nah… I’m just here for the conversation. I wouldn’t begin to trust this virtual reality to accurately represent the true reality with any degree of accuracy at all. I don’t see how anyone could, and if they did, I think they’d be fooling themselves. So no, I don’t want to know of crushes from those I’d only believe were fooling themselves. Seems silly to me.

But we can talk.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: I was pleasantly surprised by people’s internet persona versus their face to face interactions. From I met near a dozen people in person including the romantic interest and several I count as friends now rather than acquaintances. You never know.

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I would not want to know if someone had a crush on me.
From the moment i would learn about it, i would sta-sta-startostutt-tt-er, act like a fool, clown around, make unfunny funny remarks, repeat myself, and clown around.

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I’d like to know as long as the person isn’t creepy. I think it’s kinda funny.

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@rebbel : OK, I won’t tell you then.

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I think I would want to know.
For the same reasons that @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities and @MissAnthrope stated.
I am married and would never even consider acting on such a crush, and yes I’ve had them here.
It seems a safer way to tell someone that you are somehow impressed with them, than admitting it in the real world of people you know face to face.
And… like @chyna said, I could uses a boost right now.

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Sure. Like it would matter anyways, right?

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Yes. But mostly because I would want to know why they were apparently into people who were clearly masochists.

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Sure, I’d want to know – it’s not a big deal. I’ve got a couple of fluther crushes and they all know I like them.

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I know some people want to crush me…

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I think it would be fun and interesting and appealing to know so that would be a ‘yes’ for me.

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@tinyfaery worded my opinion perfectly. Thanks for that TF.

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P-p-pl-lease don’t, @JilltheTooth :-)

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@rebbel : OK, I take it back, you miserable worm. Better now?

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If you could get a crush on an old toothless cowboy, get along little dogie, get along. ;-)

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I dunno, I’ve found people to be pretty upfront when they’re crushing on me…

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@timtrueman Well, I’ve never said this before but…

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I agree with @chyna and @wilma… a little boost would be nice. It’s good to feel attractive and appreciated.

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Okay then…, @TheOnlyNeffie and @wilma and @chyna:
You all three are attractive and i appreciate you.

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@rebbel And wassamatter with me?

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@rebbel Now I’m stuttering. Thank you.

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I just showed my appreciation and gifted you three songs (granted you gave me one in return…)
But yeah, you are a stunner too!

I find that sexy, stuttering ladies.

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@timtrueman I’m crushing on you hard. heh

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If it’s not @richardhenry, then no :)

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I have way too many and I don’t care if they know. I’ll list em because what do I have to lose, right?


There’s more, but I can’t even begin to name them. I like all of them for very special reasons and that they are all different. :/

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(A jelly here under a new name). Yes, I have crushed on a few. :) Would I want to know about it, if someone had a crush on? Sure. I think that it’s cute (unless, you’re some creepy stalker – like tinyfaery said).

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Oh, and yes, I would like to know..sorry I was too busy listing. :P

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Yep. I’m curious about those things, online and off.

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@ducky_dnl You’re like me. You just like mostly everyone. I like you, too.

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Of course I’d want to know! I have a crush on my old user name. Sniff. And automatically anyone who gives me lurve. Hence the new naaaammmme.

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It wouldnt matter to me.

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Well, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies and @zen_ if he happens to stop by, this is what I have to say to the both of you. Take it or leave it. :-) That’s a virtual crush, that is…

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I like them, and had a nice little surprise recently when a regular told me she had a crush on me from the very beginning (and I had no idea). It’s flattering and gratifying to be sure. The only problem is that they sort of just go on (or they don’t). What I mean is that they don’t get a chance to really snap, crackle and pop and that kind of makes you crush-weary after a while.

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Only female crushes.

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Sure. I do know of one, and it’s a mutual Fluther crush. We’re both happily married, and would never act on it. Still, it’s a nice feeling. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Ooo, pillows? Well, now we have to. I love pillows.

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Just send cookies and I’ll know.

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No, it is just a Q&A site to me. I already deal with crushes on me in my life. It is just a Q&A site full of strangers to me. Nothing more, nothing less.

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of course :)

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Sure! But let it be our secret, ok?

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@Jabe73 – Well, aren’t you the lucky one? Look at you, beating those crushes off with a stick. ;)

I have a few crushes, myself, but that falls under the topic of “too embarrassing to discuss”.

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I have a crush on @MissAnthrope. ;-)

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I can only think of about three people I have had a crush on, on Fluther. Although they have been pretty innocent, so they knew or they didn’t believe me! :)

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To be completely honest, I have yet to actually develop a fluther crush. And this thread has made me feel deprived, so I guess I need to get my flirt on. haha.

MissAnthrope's avatar

Woo! I have a crush on you, too, Mama_Cakes. You’re a hot lady and a total catch. :D

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

@MissAnthrope figured it out, huh? :)

MissAnthrope's avatar

I think so… Angelina Jolie, right? I’ve been wondering how you find time to Fluther with all of those kids. Also, would you please tell Brad to get rid of that nasty soul patch? He looks like a bum.

LuckyGuy's avatar

@TheOnlyNeffie Stop! You had me at “completely honest”

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I had an Answerbag crush once, and I let it be known. We actually ended up being really, really good friends for a few years. Somewhere recently it kind of all went arse-up, and we haven’t spoken in a while. I’m still sad about it.

I don’t know of anyone having an e-crush on me, and I don’t know how I’d feel if I found out about one. I’ve never been the “pretty one” in real life, but then, Fluther isn’t about being the hot chick. That’s one thing I like about the Internet. You can be who you are without the face and body being involved.

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Absolutely! I’d always love to hear peoples’ honest opinions about me, positive or negative, despite the fact that (in order to myself not seem awkward) I pretty much avoid telling people how I feel about them.

I already know that @rangerr, @augustlan and @markyy are in love with me. I wonder who else is, though.

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@Sarcasm You’ve been put in the friend zone, m’dear.

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@janbb, @tinyfaery, @MissAnthrope, and the private facilities are my crushes..

janbb's avatar

Ooh – I’m so excited. The “new person” has a crush on me!

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Cookies for @cprevite!

augustlan's avatar

Man, I have way too many Fluther crushes to start listing them publicly… I’d be afraid of leaving someone out. :(

MyNewtBoobs's avatar

Yes. I love being liked as much as the next gal.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

Does anyone crush on the Mama?

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Mama_jj_Cakes You know I do.

MissAnthrope's avatar

^^ What he said.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

^^ As do I, Sunday.

@SundayKittens I saw the Fluther Photobucket. Them there eyes, girl. :)

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

ooooooh, I just realised who mama is.

Count me in. :)

janbb's avatar

Group crush hug.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Ahem. Group crush hug orgy.

chyna's avatar

^^I’m in.

SundayKittens's avatar

Ohh, well bless meee, @Mama_Cakes. These old thannngs?? plink plink

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

@SundayKittens Yes, those old thangs. Purdy baby blues, lady.

janbb's avatar

We lurve you Mama Cakes – oh yes we do,
We lurve you Mama Cakes and we’ll be true.

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I just hope it’s not crazyivan… ~

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I do have a crush or two on Fluther. Would I want to know if someone had a crush on me? Maybe.

Would I tell who I had a crush on? Probably not. I think it would make him even more bashful than he already is. <sigh> :) I think he was my Fluther mate in a past life. (lol)

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Fluther is where I foster my man crushes.

< < sideways glances at @johnpowell and @uberbatman

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Fluther is only place that I have man crushes. MIA Grisaille, JeffGoldblum’ssituation and that fiddle playing bastard have me hanging my gams on the other side of the fence.

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If we’re on this topic, then I’m willing to admit I’ve got mancrushes for @gggritso and @markyy.

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@Sarcasm who doesn’t have a crush on those two?

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This is the only place I can have crushes on men already taken @kevbo, @robmandu and it be okay. Also the only place I can have inappropriate crushes on really young guys @jeffgoldblumesprivates, @sarcasm, and @richardhenry (sorry Chels) because how can you not lurve RH’s accent?

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@chyna In addition to the inappropriate young man crushes, I admit to having a couple of girl crushes on fluther as well…

chyna's avatar

^Me, me, is it me?? oh, I hope it’s me.

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I have crushes on lots of the young men, and women, too. @chyna How you doin’? ;)

janbb's avatar

@augustlan Me too. I can truly say I am a non-gender specific Fluther crusher! @chyna Save some for me, sweetie.

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@chyna, it looks like I’m gonna have to stand in line! This does not surprise me.

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Sure, and I think a little online crush is a relatively harmless thing.

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I have a fluther guy crush on Matt.

Actually, I’d have his babies.

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Sure, I’m always down to smash.

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