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What kind of medical solution or remedy can I give to my mother to stop her from snorting and spitting out mucus?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 6th, 2010

Almost every morning whenever my mom gets ready to go to work, she does a little throat cough clearing the throat,an annoying noise,snorts like snorting up a nose cold,then spits the mucus out,sometimes not even bothering to clear up sink and just left there.She makes the horrific annoying noise like every about 5 seconds and sometimes if I wake up certain times at night and she does it,I’m not able to go back to sleep and it’s so loud I can hear it through my room.

One time she said she’s only doing that because it was winter but it’s summer now and she still does it.I tried convincing to just blow her nose spit in a tissue but doesn’t listen.What can I give her so she can stop doing this?

Also she only started doing this when we moved to the suburbs which has a lot of trees and she’s 51(and NO she doesn’t smoke).

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Sounds like allergies or a mild infection. Some people say a neti pot helps. Is the mucous grreen? That wold be an indication of infection. Augmentin or Levoquin might do the trick, but those tyes of infections can be hard to get rid of sometimes. I would not go running to take antibiotics, but next time she needs them mfor a full blown sinus infection of some other ailment, she might want to pay attention to if this other problem is clearing up, to ascertain if it might be infectious. If the mucous is clear she could try Claritan, or one of those allergy type of pills.

Unfortunately, as we get older and our immune system breaks down, it gets harder to fight off crap like this, but since it started when she moved, I think that is very significant.

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I agree with @JLeslie about it possibly being allergies. I know that when I lived in an area where my allergies really bothered me, I would wake up every morning with a lot of nasal and chest congestion from post nasal drip while laying in bed asleep. If she’s never had a problem with allergies before, she may want to see a doctor to get tested to see if it is indeed allergies before loading up on over-the-counter allergy meds.

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A netti pot or a more modern version is the Nealmed and either will change your life if you have sinus issues. Most people won’t bother and prefer to scarf pills instead.

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It could be allergies. Zyrtec is an OTC medicine for allergies. She could try taking one a day for a week or two to see if it helps. You have to take it for several days—maybe even a week—before it really starts to work.

Of course, you shouldn’t listen to me. I’m not a doctor. Your mom should really see a doctor for something that is chronic, like this.

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