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POLL:If a fly or any flying insect went on top of food but then flew away, do you still decide to eat your food?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 6th, 2010

Even if you waved it away.I get really disgusted with that crap,I just throw my food away especially since I don’t know where it’s been, if it vomited on my food or not,and especially the if you ever seen a close up of a fly,they’re actually hairy too.Yuck!

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I would wave it away, and eat it, disgust and all.

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I might tear off the immediate part of the food it touched, but I wouldn’t throw it all away.

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I’ll gulp down the bug before I eat anything I make ;) mmm

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I would eat it. It doesn’t bother me.

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I eat it. No problem.

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It depends on what I’m eating. If it plops in the middle of my soup, I probably wouldn’t keep eating. If it lands on my sandwich, I’ll do the same thing as @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities would do and tear off the corner it landed on. No biggie.

If it’s dessert, I might have to pretend there was no fly and wolf my food down.

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I eat it, it won’t kill me.

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Yes, Shooo it away and continue to eat.

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You NEVER specified it landed on MY food…just food! HA! It was on your food all along. My food’s fine.

That’s what I do. Every time.

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Shoo it away and eat away. You’re going to digest it anyway, and whatever might have been left behind hasn’t had time to culture or reproduce.

Besides, there has probably been an insect come in contact with some part of your meal, anyway. I mean, come on, there are HOW many components in a Big Mac?

Trust me, I have worked in kitchens where the flies nearly owned the place, and nobody ever got sick from it. Even projectile vomiting a fly is gonna spew what, less than the head of a pin? ;-)

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throw away. If I can cut off just a piece I will but for something like soup obviously I can’t. I just feel disgusted eating it and I’ll dwell on it all day

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If it’s soup, I’d toss it, but anything else, I would just remove the bite.

There has been a lot of flies this summer, even in restaurants.

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I just shoo it away and continue eating.

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I would, but it would probably kill my appetite…

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I will admit that one time on the river front I got a thing called an Indian Taco. Sort of a taco on pita bread. About ¼ the way in, there was a Mayfly that had drowned in the sauce and it nearly made even ME hurl. I mean that thing was eyeball to eyeball with me when I noticed it..

I went back to the stand, politely went to the back door, and the lady looks me in the eye and asks, “Oh, do you want another one?” She didn’t want to give me my money back! The mayfly was not laying on the lettuce, it was DROWNED IN THE SAUCE.

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Shoooo fly. Then OM NOM NOM

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And another fly-factor that will put me off, BIG-TIME.

Flies in a glass display case. I was at the Walmart the other day and the self-serve donuts case was crawling with flies inside. There’s no way I’m going to buy something out a case the little buggers are living in!

If they were in a deli case I’d nearly call the health department.

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Flies are also attracted to poop and carcasses… it’s a little too gross for me. If I’m eating, I’m pretty protective of my food… I’d be the one to stab you in the hand with a fork for trying to take the last piece of chicken. So I’d probably shoo the fly before it could land.

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When you can stab the fly with your fork, let us know, there’s got to be a ‘Most Talented’ in there somewhere! ;-)

I’d hate to see if the FLY tried to land on your LAST piece of chicken! lol

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I would fly it away and then I break off the piece that the fly went on.

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Yes, always been too broke to throw much away. But I’m a good shooer.

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I have no problem eating the food, in my own home. In a restaurant or public place, I would insist on a replacement.

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Do you have your own, domestic flies? Ones that live in and around your home only?

Can I purchase some? Market them?

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No, it’s because I am paying the commercial establishments for uncontaminated food. At home, we eat all manner of (expletive deleted) food.

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Shoo it away and eat the food anyway. Did you know that the average person swallows 100 bugs a year just in their sleep? If you can eat the whole fly without getting sick, I’m sure it won’t matter to eat the food it stood on.

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@downtide I sleep with my mouth closed in climate controlled surrounding and I have a hard time believing that I’m snortin and swallowin 100 bugs a year!

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@ibstubro if you’re asleep, how do you know if your mouth is closed?

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@downtide I don’t sleep alone. I don’t snore. I side/sleep, yet do not drool. My mouth is never dry when I wake.

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I eat it. Which is probably kind of gross come to think of it. Maybe i’ll think twice in future. But if it’s my only plate of food during dinner somewhere, i’m not going to throw the food away.

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I really dont know why a fly should even be a cause for issue. For how many thousands of years have humans ate things much much worse than something A FLY LANDED ON yet we all seem to be here and fine today.

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