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Does wearing black make you feel thinner?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 6th, 2010

I always wondered if it actually does or it’s all in the mind. Do you like wearing black?

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One reason people recommend wearing black to “look thinner” is because people are less likely to notice shadows in the fabric, which will give you the illusion of having a crisper silhouette. However, throwing on a black frock isn’t going to magically make anyone look skinny. Wearing clothing that fits is a better way to feel more confident (nothing too tight or too loose.)

Do I feel skinner when I wear black clothing? Depends on the garment. Some materials make me scratch my head and wonder why I wasted my money and others make me feel quite svelte :) Same with all the clothes in my closet, really.

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Yes, I feel thinner when I were Black. It is also a classic colour that allows me to not stand out in a crowd. If I want to stand out, I were bright colours like Fusia and Teal.

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@muppetish I went through a period wear all I wore was black. I thought it made me feel skinnier. LOL Some materials are hugging your right. That’s my closet right now either too tight or too big. I have gained some weight being a at home mom. ( about 30 pounds!) I was going to return to the black wardrobe, but Florida is not the best place to wear black. LOL

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Yes. Black makes me feel thinner, though I wouldn’t wear it all the time because I find that black doesn’t match my personality.

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It makes you look thinner too. I have a really old set of the board game RISK, that uses little cubes for armies. They are all the same size, yet when placed next to each other, the black one always looks smaller. It’s a pretty neat optical illusion.
So yes, it makes me feel thinner.

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Not necessarily thinner.I do like it though and have a closet full….simplicity….ahhhhhh! :)

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Wearing black makes me feel fat, tbh. I like wearing light pastel colours.

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Strangely, I think I only wear black when I’m feeling not so fat. I never realised that until just now, but I do tend to wear all black on days that I’m feeling particularly confident. Weird.

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Only when I carry around a black background strapped to my back. :)

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Sexay and mysterious, yes, thinner, no.

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I think I wear black so much so I won’t be noticed, will kind of fade in the background. So in a round about way, maybe I feel thinner/unnoticed while wearing black.

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I’m thin enough but wearing black gives me contrast with jewelry or calls attention to my face and hair. I love black but there are undertones I prefer such as blue-black instead of red-black.

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Bright colors “pop” and dark colors recede- is that why? I also heard that wearing a dark top with lighter pants can make your bottom half look bigger. When I was in high school sometimes I wore this all black outfit- black turtleneck, black skinny jeans, black ballet flats. Even if I didn’t look thinner, I felt very dainty in that outfit.

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I wear black a lot. I always feel like it makes me look skinner and better. I NEVER wear white!!!!!

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No. Only being thinner makes me feel thinner, and I’m working on that like mad right now.

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No, the feeling is not equal to the look on a camera. I don’t feel thinner at all.

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