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How do you fix a broken DVD player?

Asked by camertron (2114points) September 6th, 2010

I’ve got a DVD player that says “loading” when I stick in a DVD, but never actually plays the movie. This is the case for any DVD inserted. All of the discs I’ve tried are clean and hardly scratched (if at all). The player is a dual DVD/VHS player, a GoVideo DVR 4400. Any suggestions?

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A friend of mine has an electronics “fix-it” business, and when I asked him that very question, he said“You don’t. ” He then told me to buy the cheapest one I could and it would last as long as the pricey ones. Apparently, the main “fix” is the replacement in the dual unit by the manufacturer, which only makes sense if it’s still under a great warranty. Otherwise, the cheapos at Radio Shack are fine, and your VCR in the original unit will probably work for a while yet.

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I worked at a tv station and was responsible for keeping about 40 DVD players and VCR’s running. VCR’s are easy to fix. DVD players are a different story. If cleaning the lens doesn’t work it is best to replace it and use the parts for a robot.

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The sad truth is that DVD players aren’t designed to be repaired.

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I get a replacement through the warranty.

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Start basic and simply make sure the device is plugged in properly to the power outlet. You want to check for shorts in the power supply cord as well by jiggling the cord around and seeing if the device turns on and off.

Check the connections the DVD player has to the television set to make sure it is hooked up properly and that all connections are still functioning. Sometimes connections can come a bit loose and this can cause you to have problems as well. Tighten up the connections and see if the player begins working correctly.

Unscrew the DVD player housing and remove it from the device. Lift the clamp so that the DVD player lens is exposed for you to clean.

Take your canned air and spray away any dust off of the lens and any other part of the inside of the DVD player to remove excessive dust and build up. If a build up of dust gets on the lens, it will be unable to read the DVD discs you insert into your DVD player. It is good to routinely give your DVD player a good cleaning even when working properly to avoid build up.

Replace the DVD player housing and secure it back in place using the screwdriver. Turn on your DVD player and test your repairs. If the DVD player is still not working correctly, you may want to remove the DVD and give it a good cleaning as well with your canned air and wiping it with a soft cloth.

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You can get DVD players for as cheap as $15.

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@Ben_Dover For me, it’s sorta the principle of the thing. They oughta make a fixable DVD player.

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@Nullo Planned obsolescence and hard to repair devices is/are part of the American Dream. But of course you can always get out your screwdriver and disassemble the device and give it a shot. It helps to know that a $15 replacement is just around the bend.

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I might guess it is the optical laser inside that is either dirty or toast. You can try cleaning it with a damp Q tip. I went around the block with my kids play station unit that had the identical problem and the laser is a $12.00 part that maybe will cost you at least $50.00 to have it repaired. I was told by the tech who repaired it that the laser lenses are not meant for extended play and 2 hours is about overdoing it and if overused can overheat and distort. It really didn’t look all that hard to replace, but the tech said it is all about the proper alignment if you do attempt a DIY repair.

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@Nicole8, thank you for your response, but the first 2 steps you listed aren’t relevant. I said in the description that I get the loading screen, which means the player is plugged in and connected securely to the TV. I’ll try the lens cleaning idea, though, that’s great!

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