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What's your most disgusting FIRST HAND fast food story?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) September 6th, 2010

I say FIRST HAND, but what I really want are disgusting fast food stories that you could personally verify. You or someone you KNOW, plus an eyewitness backed it up.

KFC had free range rats on video. Bingo.

Please no friend of a friend’s mother’s boyfriends cousin tarantula in the bananas urban myths!

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I had a friend that went into Hardezz and got a roast beef sandwich to go.

He’s in the car munching away, and he feels a rough bit in the meat. He stops and looks closer. It’s a >>Band Aid<<!!

He takes the sandwich back to the store, waits in line, and quietly shows the girl behind the counter hhis sandwich and says something to the affect “I found this.”

She turns her head and yells over her shoulder, “HEY, did one of you lose a BAND AID??”

True story.

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I used to work in McDonalds and was high a lot of the time so when I’d get all clumsy and drop the pancakes, I’d just put them back into the container and serve to customers.

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I don’t know if it’s true, but the rumor persists that disgruntled employees sometimes season burgers with, I’ll tactfully call it, several types of bodily output. Considering that possibility, along with all the salt and fat these chains sell us, I’ve pretty much broken the fast food habit.

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Well I hit BK once, and got myself a Whopper. I thought it tasted a bit odd, especially the salad, but being an idiot, I didn’t inspect it. About halfway through the burger, I was like, okay wtf already?
When I looked at the salad it was all…brown. It had a wet and slimy feel to it. I brought it to the counter and I’m like, scuse me, but what’s the meaning of this?
Then the girl is like, oh sorry, would you like another?

I’m all like…no.

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My cousin once found a roach in her burger. I think it was from a Hardee’s but I barely remember it because I was really young at the time.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I think that’s fairly commonplace. I remember a kid at Pondorussa spilling grilled shrimps in the trash and fishing them out…pretty much in front of the customers.

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In the dim stovelight I reached in a drawer that had a piece of Baklava in a plastic baggie and started munching away. It tasted spicy and like licorice so I turned on the overhead kitchen light and saw to my horror the bag was filled with tiny black ants which were also crawling all over my honey sticky hand that had held the piece of Baklava. I ate a clump of ants.

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I think that pretty much confined to problem customers.

OH. I just realized why you broke your fast food habit!

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Was that a new definition of ‘Fast Food?’ lol

Weren’t they vinegary? Ants smell like vinegar when stressed, I’d think they tasted the same? Don’t tell me you didn’t stop to analyze!

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@ibstubro: Nope, not vinegary but they did numb my tongue!

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Believe it or not, I have nothing to share for this question. The worst I have had is a shortage on my order that was easily fixed by another trip to the Carl’s Junior a few blocks away.

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I think the worst that ever happened to me was finding a giant, dead mosquito in my sandwich from Subway. Never ate there again.

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when i was about 15 years old i worked a few months at a burger king. a cockroach infested burger king. with staff that used to almost systematically spit on food, put urine in the fryers, rub frozen burgers round of the floor with the base of their shoe and all kinds of other things.

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A group of us used to work during summers at a conference center’s fast food snack shop that was infested with rats. There was a soft-serve ice cream machine and one of those stands that dispenses a box of cones. Whoever opened the shop in the morning would check the exposed cones and remove the bottom 2–3 that had been gnawed at during the night.

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Oh, I once was eating a take-out salad from St. Louis Bread company and one of those green lace0wing flies came crawling up mid-way through! The store was ½ hour away, so I just pitched it.

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@poisonedantidote I hope that you’ve gotten your feet under you enough to realize that you should report behavior like that, even if it costs you your job.

Usually such things can be reported anonymously, but they HAVE to be reported. People could have literally died, especially from the bacteria on the floor!

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Several years ago, my husband and I picked up a bucket of chicken from KFC. We took it to his parents’ house for dinner, and my husband picked up a chicken leg. With the first bite, he only managed to pull the breading off. Under the breading was a big clump of dirt and hair. It looked like the chicken had been dropped, got that crud stuck to it, but was breaded and fried anyway.

He almost puked. We haven’t been to KFC since, and I don’t plan on ever going back. Sometimes I miss those biscuits though!

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@MissAusten And your health is so much better for it! I noticed in my 20’s that about 15–20 minutes after eating KFC I had an unquenchable thirst. Huge excesses of sodium.

Stop and get some biscuits and take them home. Better yet, get some Popeye’s biscuits! OMGood!

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@Symbeline The same thing happened to me once at McDonalds – I got a burger and when I looked inside the lettuce was brown and wilted. I took it back and asked for my money back, and went to Subway instead.

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@downtide Oh FUCK YEEEZ! Subway rocks, I always go there these days lol.

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@ibstubro Well, it’s not like we went there often. I used to eat at various fast food places on my lunch break when I worked full time, and I really don’t miss it at all. Now that we have kids, we only rarely visit a McDonald’s or something like that. I want them to know it isn’t a healthy meal choice.

And, after reading a lot of the above, I’m even happier we don’t indulge in fast food more than a couple of times a year!

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@MissAusten You didn’t address the biscuit issue. Have you ever tried a Popeye’s biscuit? They are enough to make you fall to your knees and weep! ;-) I only eat from there 2–3 times a year at most, and every time, I’m, like, “I don’t really need/want that biscuit.” Then I think about how good I remember them being and take a bite. Next time I’m there I should just order a dozen and eat them until I can’t hold more.

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@ibstubro No, we don’t have Popeye’s around here that I know of. If I ever see one, I’ll give it a try!

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@MissAusten Okay, well, if you see one in your travels, at least make him stop and get each a biscuit. They dissolve in your mouth. Literally.

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A friend of mine worked the drive through at the local Burger King. One of her co-workers in food preparation was one of those dedicated people who show up even when they’re sick, My friend soon found herself not only miserably ill, but also apparently guilty of unwittingly infecting or otherwise endangering a number of her clients.

My own biggest crime in this respect: Picking up a raw chicken that fell on the floor, washing it off, and spitting it up with the rest.

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Years ago, I got food poisoning from a convenience store sandwich and projectile vomited all over my room.
Posted the long version of the story as a blog here:
What’s Grosser Than Gross?

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