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How Cheap Are You?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) September 7th, 2010

Really, how cheap can you be?

Example..My brother sends a letter to his friend. His friend in turn steams the letter open, reads it, than replies to the letter, sends in back in the same envelope and marks it “return to sender” or “addressee unknown”. Thus saving on spending 45 cents for a stamp. Is that cheap or what?

Got any stories?

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Their action may seem like a “cheap trick”, but in actuality, they are violating a Federal Law, fraud. this may seem like a small criminal act, but if everyone practiced this crime, the post office would go defunct. the U.S. Postal Service stands alone in the Federal Government. in other words, they are self-sustaining and not budgeted in the government.

I buy the stamps like every other honest American and pay the price. after all, could you get in your automobile and handle-deliver a letter from Florida to California for 45 cents? there is no way. the real meaning of cheap here, is it only takes 45 cents to deliver a letter. now, that’s cheap!

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@john65pennington my point exactly. There is no accounting for some people’s actions. Cheap or “cheap trick” the person or persons were acting misery or being a cheapskate (IMO).

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You mean how stingy I could be? Hmmm… I tend to spend more money than necessary,and the only cheap thing I could do in my life is using ‘expired’ perfumes. Ya’know I tend to buy lots of quite costly perfumes for my collection and most of the time I can’t use them all and I left lots of expired perfumes in my wardrobe. They’re still good. Although most of them don’t smell as good as they used to be.

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Before buying something like a bookcase or table, I check to see whether someone nearby has one first. If I can get something free, why not? I also give away stuff on freecycle too. You never know what you will find on there.

Overall, I don’t think I’m cheap. When I need to buy clothes, I will go to a department store and buy. If it is on sale, great. If not, and I really need the item, I will buy it but in general I’m not going to pay $100 for a pair of pants! I know lots of people shop at Goodwill stores. I do not.

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My wife says I’m the cheapest person alive and she might be right. I drove around in a car for two years with both doorhandles broken and never bothered to replace them. I left the windows down (who was gonna break into a car worth $20) and when it rained I climbed in through the hatchback.

I think that about 94% of the money people spend is wasted.

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I’m actually not cheap at all. I’m thrifty when need be (which Ben Franklin considered a virtue… not gonna argue with that) but I usually spend the extra dollar or 600 for quality. I buy quality products, and you know what they say “pay the extra price for quality and cry once.”

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I shop for clothes at second hand stores, my car is a ‘98— avery nice ‘98— and I remake leftovers into some other dish. I cut the mold off bread and cheese, save old bread for stuffing, then put the leftover stuffing into soup or meat pie. I call it measures of the poverty stricken!

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@faye I cut the mold off cheese too. It tastes fine underneath. I also save teabags and use them a second time – because I’m the only one at home who drinks tea, I only make one mug at a time, and you can easily get 2 from one teabag.

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I’m not cheap. I don’t like spending that much money, but I am not cheap. I’ll spend the money when and if the item/situation calls for it.

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I’m cheap. I live on what some of you spend for car payments. I save a lot and don’t have to worry about money when I need to spend it.

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I really am not cheap. I don’t splurge, but I like to buy quality products. However, I cannot stand waste. I hate wasting food, gas, energy, or other products. If I buy something, I’m going to use it.

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@DominicX @faye as far as mold goes, I think I read somewhere that when you see a mold spore, that it actually goes all through the product. So I guess its a question of how safe is mold for you.

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I’m not at all cheap. Quality not quantity. It can be very costly being cheap.

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I’m not cheap but can be extremely frugal in order to get something I really want when on a limited budget. It doesn’t bother me a bit to eat a .30 cent yogurt for breakfast each morning and drink free hot tea and something off the Wendy’s $1.00 menu for lunch in order to not give up my monthly pedicure. I’m also in love with the internet to comparison shop for items I want like the Method brand of Lavendar liquid soap I can’t find in stores anymore but can order in bulk and have delivered for half the price of what each pump bottle used to cost. My car’s electric window regulator clips crumbled in the heat and would cost about $300. each to repair so I just open my car door at drive throughs, no need to roll down my windows otherwise.

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I am frugal (cheap) to the extreme, and always have been, however, I do not stoop to fraud or stealing to save money. That is just plain criminal. I reuse, make do and do without as a lifestyle.

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@AmWiser I think mold is dangerous when you inhale it, i.e. black mold. You’ve had blue cheese?

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I watch trains and lightening for entertainment. you tell me ;)

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@AmWiser isn’t cheese mold to begin with?

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