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Are the French too soft?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) September 7th, 2010

They’re protesting nationally now because of a proposal to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.

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Perhaps they feel that this opens the gate to further raising the age or retirement in the future – and I think they’re right.

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I’m sorry, but how, exactly, does this make an entire nation of people “too soft”? To me, it demonstrates how they can band together to protest a change they are entirely against. Their ability to unite shows strength to me.

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Define soft. French bread is very yummy and soft.

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@tinyfaery oh you know: sissy, pussy, etc. duh

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Well, their tanks have 6 reverse gears, so…

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Watch what happens if/when Congress tries to cut entitlements here. You’ll be asking the same question about our seniors.

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I like my French, crunchy.

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Except that US retirement is more likely to be changed to 80 :(

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I served with some French military in Bosnia. They weren’t soft, very professional.

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I agree with @muppetish. I think it shows their strength and I think it’s good that they are standing up for what they believe in. Can you really blame them for not wanting their retirement age increased?

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Sometimes you must fry your french toast a bit longer if you wish them to be less soft.

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I’m really confused. Are you suggesting that if they fight to keep something that is theirs, they are soft? So, if they give it away without a fight, they are not soft?

Or are you just jealous that their retirement age is like six years lower that the US retirement age?

Anyway, it’s for the French to say, not anyone else.

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What? That doesn’t even make sense. I’m with @wundayatta on this one.

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