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How do I host a large file on my server?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) September 7th, 2010

I have created and uploaded an .iso file of my team’s rugby game. People are having problems with the direct link. Apparently, the file is too big for an http request. However, I can’t just give them an ftp username and password as it would compromise my files. Any suggestions?

The .iso is 4.2gb
Torrents are too sophisticated for my users (and it pisses off Comcast)
Embedding the video in a webpage is not really practical

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you can create one folder and give that account access…

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Do you need to host the ISO? Why not upload the video to a site like Vimeo and enable downloads? Also, selling burned CD’s for about $0.25 is always an option.

If you need it hosted, services like FileDropper will come in handy for files up to 5GB. However, you should put it in a ZIP file before uploading—you’d be surprised by the bandwidth you’d save.

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Burning DVDs is time consuming, especially when people don’t watch them when you hand them out. Vimeo might be a good option as is creating a user with file permissions for only that one folder. Will have to explore both.

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90 percent of people don’t know what a ISO is or what to do with it. If they can figure that out they can manage Bittorrent.

I have a seedbox that is crazy fast. Send me a link to the torrent and I can pump out data as fast as people need it. Once I get it from you comcast won’t care.

I haven’t tried this but you might want to give it a look.

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@johnpowell That is absolutely true. I have a computer in the basement seeding 24/7, so I can help out as well. As for the Torrent2exe solution, you’d be completely throwing out the multiplatform capability of your video. But it might work as an alternative.

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