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Do you log in to Fluther every day?

Asked by downtide (23480points) September 7th, 2010

…thereby maximising your lurve and getting that extra point for visiting 2 days in a row. How often do you get that bonus? Me, I log in nearly every day, even if it’s just to catch up on replies to questions I’m following.

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I do most of the time because I’m home a lot. When I went away for my surgery and for my vacation, I didn’t think about checking in everyday. I did here and there during my trips, but it wasn’t like it is when I’m home. When my husband comes home for his 2 week R&R, I probably won’t log in at all while he’s here (unless I show him Fluther).

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I usually try to visit everyday.
Not for the lurve, but for the folks that are here.

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I do every day, even for a little bit just so my fluther questions and what-not doesn’t get crazy full.

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I’m on fluther everyday. No need to log-in. Fluther is bookmarked.

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Pretty much every day, I figure you guys can’t get along without me. How Fluther survived all those years before I came, I can’t fathom!

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I have to log in, or my front door will not unlock.

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I’m here daily, yes.

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Every day. I need my fix of questions and interpersonal contact. Mostly it’s been questions these days. I gotta up the interpersonal contact quotient.

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Yes, I am at my computer almost all day long, and I have Fluther on in the background checking it multiple time throughout the day.

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I log in almost every day. I usually skip every few days if I don’t feel like logging on.

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I used to and then other things got in the way. I’ve eliminated most of the obstacles that prevented me from being here more often so I’ll be visiting almost daily now if not every day.

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I log in almost every weekday. Usually not on the weekends, because I spend time with the family.

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So far, so good :) I quite like visiting.

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Almost, yeah. I may not post anything, but I still visit.

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Yup – every day, even if only to scratch and sniff.

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For now, yes. It offers limitless opportunities to expand my knowledge on current events and a diverse group of people’s perspectives. I especially like hearing from people in other countries, as it helps to put a global spin on some of the Q&As.

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In order to start my car in the morning I have to breath through the tube and log in to Fluther. So you see, I have no choice.

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Most days.

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I log in everyday for the free hor’durves and happy hour!

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Yeah, everyday except on the weekends.

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Everydamnday. I think the longest I’ve ever been ‘absent’ was 4 days when I was deathly ill. I was like this even before I became a mod.

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Yes I log in everyday. I log in where ever I might be and can find a computer. And YES I log in for the lurve and whatever else I can accumulate. I want to live in the mansion one of these days (alas, for me its a slow process). But one of these days…...

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I do.

Ooops, I promised myself I’d never again say those two words.

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Always, except when on holidays or when my pc is dead (like today).
This answer is written on iSamsung

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Yes. I’m addicted, what can I say?

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I’m a fluther opportunistic. Meaning i get on when i can.

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I never log out, so I suppose that means I log in every day. I was away from my computer for a few days last month, and didn’t participate, but that is very rare.

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Am logged in always.

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I get on everyday. Im a fluthermaniac :)

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How do you think I got to 17999 lurve? It took a really long time, but that daily +1 adds up after a while.

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I signed on every day till I got the new place. Since I don’t have internet there, it is a nice getaway, but I do miss this site.
When I am am local, I am on here.

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I log on every day even if I don’t do anything. I NEED THAT EXTRA POINT AHAHAAHAHA

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I swear I do, but the time difference screws with Dr. J and I’ve yet to get the 100 day in a row award. Or maybe it’s because I’ve never stayed the same nickname 100 days in a row?

@chaz Very, very funny.

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I deleted my account last week and haven’t logged back in since. But I’m here again giving it another go, and i suppose i will log back in each day ongoing. :)

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Enough of this deleting accounts business. It’s getting so annoying. I don’t know who I’m talking to anymore.

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I concur.

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@rebbel I appreciate the extra information. I wish everyone would help out that way.

Written from my crappy PC at home.

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@Austinlad lmao…...ditto, ditto, and d i t t o !

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Yes,at least most of the time. When I’m not busy,of course.

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haha it’s nice to see that everyone else is addicted to Fluther as I am! lol

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Maybe 4 or 5 days a week for an hour or two each morning.

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