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Is my phone possessed?

Asked by chillywlove2 (14points) September 7th, 2010

I had deleted my ex from my contact list on my cell phone 6 months ago after we broke up. Today I get a text msg from my friend asking me why I sent her a blank message when I didn’t text her. I scrolled down in horror to see that the same blank msg was sent to my ex cell#!!!!! His name didn’t show because I deleted him but I recognized his number. I swear…out of all people…why did it have to be him??? Is my phone possessed? We ended on bad terms and we had no contact at all…the weird thing is his name was deleted from my contact list a long time ago. Thank God he didn’t reply and I hope he also deleted me from his contact so he won’t recognize my number. I am buying a new phone tomorrow so this never happens again…he probably thinks I want him back which I don’t!!! He lied and cheated on me! I had my cell phone in my bag all day and never texted anyone. Did anyone had something like this happen with their cell phone?

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It happens, technology is like that.

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7 days…

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sorry, @judochop, been there.

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