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Is there not a website for thesaurus/synonyms of computer terms?See details?

Asked by flo (12981points) September 7th, 2010

I googled it, but nothing.

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There are several online dictionaries of technical terms. I used to used them regularly while working in the field. Let me see if I can remember any names.

There’s also Newton’s Telecom, which definitely exists offline.

[Edit] Ok, here’s one list.

Here’s some more.

FOLDOC is one I used to use a lot.

When you call for a thesaurus or list of synonyms, what kind of thing, specifically, are you going after that you can’t find in a dictionary or glossary? In a technical context it is usually better not to go in for a lot of synonyms but rather to stick to the “one term – one concept” rule to maintain clarity and avoid ambiguity. This is especially important when you are writing for translation or for an ESL audience and when you want your content to be searchable electronically. When you use a variety of terms for the same thing, you don’t get the high frequency that characterizes key terms.

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If you’re looking for obscure terms and slang, you could also try the jargon file.

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Any thesaurus can include computer terms

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@Jeruba thank you. I clicked on “Here’s some more”, and I got Google homepage.
What I am looking for is, let’s say if I enter the word Favorites, it would give me Bookmark etc.
In FOLDOC I am still looking for the Thesaurus, there.
@hungerforpizza yes but I need one that specializes in just computer terms.
@phaedryx I see “jargon terms”, which is really not what I am looking for, but thanks.

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@flo, are you sure you got the home page? I linked to a page of Google search results for these search terms:

computer terms dictionary online

If you didn’t see the search results, you can get them just by copying and pasting those same search terms into the Google search box.

If what you want is a list of equivalent terms for various browsers, I don’t know of any such thing, specifically.

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@Jeruba this time it gave me the search results. It must have been a glitch I guess. But I am trying not to waste time searching if a term means the same as the term I know. Thanks for responding.

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