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What was your favorite game as a child?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) September 7th, 2010

It can be:

Board (Candyland)
Group (Red Rover)
Card (Fish)
Print (Find-A-Word)

Parentheses are my most fond. There are probably more. ;-)

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Taboo, I think was the name of it.

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Mille Bournes for cards.

Hata Nas for group. I’m not sure what the equivalent would be to an American game… one person was “it” and they were blindfolded, then you spun them around until they were dizzy and whoever they tagged first became “it”. So I guess it is like tag, but with a blindfold and spinning.

Huggermugger for board games.

I can’t think of a word game off the top of my head that really stands out as a favorite.

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Playing roller-hockey in the cul-de-sac.

I miss those days.

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I just realised that I wasn’t supposed to do one for each category. Now I can’t just pick one out of the 3 that I listed.

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Board: The Game of Life (Original and Simpons)
Group: Freeze tag.
Card: War Wait, I forgot Uno.
Print: Cross-word Puzzles, even though I wasn’t good at them.
Video Game: Super Bomber Man 2, Pokemon, and everything Zelda/Mario.

Bonus: Every game I made up with my brothers :)

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Playing football and capture the flag with everyone else in the neighborhood.

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Trivial Pursuit
Hide and Go Seek

(We didn’t have a Scrabble game in my house, so I didn’t play that until college)

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Life, Casino (card game), and Word Searches…

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@aprilsimnel Points for Operation

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Kickball (“fast &bouncy”)
Bicycle Jumping (..farther, or more styley, until you or everyone else got hurt or quit.)
Pickle (with a tennis ball, which almost always turned into Smear the Queer Mug the Bug)
Hearts (family camping mainstay)
Dungeons & Dragons!

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Board – Monopoly and Risk
Group – Tag (neighborhood kids called it “Army Tag.” Similar to Freeze tag, whatever limb was tagged was out of play until player had inability to move. “It” couldn’t tag a wounded “soldier” repeatedly without tagging someone else first. Other players could unfreeze wounded “soldiers.” First player to lose ability to move became “it.”)
CardMille Bornes
PrintDots game

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I didn’t get interested in card or board games until I was older, but as a young kid, I loved playing Flash Gordon with my fat friend Paul Shapiro, who of course always had to be Dr. Zarkov. Our spaceship was my swing set or his parent’s tool shed roof.

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Hopscotch and Dodgeball and hide-n-go-seek.

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King On The Mountain. game played at Boy Scouts. object is for everyone to pull the King(one person) off a hill of dirt and replace him with yourself. the last one standing on the hill is the King. its very physical and can sometimes lead to bitter arguements. good game.

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Kick the Can or Heads Up 7up

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Board: Monopoly Risk
Group: Capture the flag
Card: Egyptian slap
Print: I always liked the children’s crossword puzzles.

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@Whitsoxdude How do you play Egyptian Slap?

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@Frenchfry It would take a bit to explain it, and I can barely remember the rules sooo…..

Some variations on step 2. I didn’t play with the red 2 or any 8 initiating a slap. Instead I played with a ‘sandwich’ (example: 2–3-2).
I know that sounds a bit like gibberish, but you’ll understand if you read the link.

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Twixt. It still is.

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I was pretty childish in college.

Zoom(the all-time best drinking game)
Mexicali – (the runner-up all-time best drinking game)
Poker – (the worst possible drinking game, if playing for money – unless strip poker)

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My favorite games with a little angst thrown in for fun ;)

Board- Life- ( I would get upset if I didn’t have a car full of kids. hmph!)

Group- Marco Polo (don’t you dare leave me in the pool alone for more than five minutes please….um, stupid shark movie of the 70s, thank you much~)

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@Whitsoxdude we always called that Egyptian Rat Screw, and I love that game! Thought I might break a finger a few times, but.. always fun. :)

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we played games that required no boards nor computers.

Hide and seek
marco polo (you need a pool)
salt and pepper
roller skating

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@ipso – The classic drinking games at my uni were Quarters and “Hi, Bob!” Every time someone said, “Hi, Bob!” during an episode of The Bob Newhart Show (70s version), you had to drink, and in Madison, there were 2 back-to-back episodes on starting at 11 every weeknight. Even the writers knew about it in the 70s, I think, and wrote in more “Hi, Bob’s” than usual, just for the drunken college kid contingent. I don’t think the college kids of today know it, though.

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Ahhh quarters…. Aye!

The game of binge drinking as many forms. For us as well, the movie Scarface (1983) and the word “Fxxx” were employed for reason to group-sip.

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Board: Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess
Card: Pokemon
Print: Chess Puzzles, Crossword

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Well, football & outdoor games mostly but if we’re talking toys, then I agree with Dick!

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Hopscotch and hide n seek for me.

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Board game Parcheesi
Group Croquet with family and Kick-the-Can with the neighborhood kids
Card Fan-Tan
Print paper dolls (does that count?) or crossword puzzles

Drinking game: Pigmania

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Pigs! I totally forgot about that one. “Kissing Bacon” when they touched, etc. Nice call!

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ahh pigs! i just played that for the first time a few months ago, never heard of it before, awesome!

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Board: “Strolling Bowling”—Embarrassingly lame but I was an only child and could play it alone.

Card : Uno

Video Game: TI99 MunchMan—Ripoff of PacMan. Yep I got a computer very young even though I’m “very” old.

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@keobooks At least I have HEARD of Uno. lol

You’re still of child bearing age, so you can’t “very” old.

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@ibstubro I meant “very” old as in—most people would consider me too old to have grown up with a computer. But I got a TI99 in 1982 when for my 11th birthday.

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Oh, so many!!

Hide and Seek
Go Fish
Memory Game
Guess Who

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Battleship! Thanks to an episode of Warehouse 13, I know how to really play Battleship. :)

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Risk and Battleship!

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