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How did you discover Fluther?

Asked by Whitsoxdude (1507points) September 7th, 2010

Random google search, Referred by a friend, etc.

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I was active on a Social Q&A site called and enjoying it. Then the site owners gave the site a complete makeover, and in the process changed the interface and user friendliness in ways that completely took the fun out of the experience. After begging them to either go back to the old site or at least add the missing necessities to the new site all in vain, a number of users started searching for alternatives. My AB friends PMed me about the switch.

Quite a boatload of us refugees landed here. Now that I have settled in, I realize this is a far superior site to in its heyday. I am now actually grateful the makeover drove me to find more pleasant pastures.

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I came to check out the answers my friend was given to one of her questions. I looked at other questions on the site and ended up sticking around.

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I had a question about pell grants and I refused to ask YA because they suck and take ages for an answer.

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Augustlan found me on facebook, we went to high school together, and when she saw my status updates she recommended I try fluther. I was hooked pretty quickly.

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@JLeslie I think that augustlan has a great eye for recruiting. I am lad she brought you here.

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@ETpro awww thanks :) that was very nice of you to say so.

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Sorry everyone, I didn’t realize this question had already been asked…
I swear I checked beforehand lol.

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@Whitsoxdude No worries. It’s actually been asked in many different ways since that one as well. I believe the most recent was right around September first (it was something like “what brought you here and keeps you coming back”).

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I, too, am a refugee of the Great Answerbag Exodus of 2009.

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I discovered Fluther while using the Stumbleupon addon to the Firefox browser.

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I woke up one morning with my arm asleep to the point were I had no feeling and could not move the arm.
I did some googling after slapping my arm back to normal, and found a question on Fluther about the same thing. It seemed ten times better than Yahoo answers (which I had quit long ago for obvious reasons), so I made an account.. and now I’m addicted to giving personal advice to strangers on the internet.

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Yeah.. They can be dicks. But it is one of the smartest sites on the Internet.

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I was swimming along, keeping to myself mostly… and some jellies just had to be really nice to me from the get-go – so here I am, forever welcoming newbies and asking crappy questions, changing my nicknames and improving my avatar – now with new bob_ instead of communicator by Jeruba – see it?

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My daughter, who has been here a couple of years, convinced me to join. I was delighted she wanted me to share this with her!

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I searched Google for “How do I get out of here?” and it turns out Fluther was the answer!

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By accident, just looking up a topic and Fluther came up on Google search.

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lol well i would somehow love to say it was answering a intelligent question on some intelligent site, but it wasnt ! Just a random act of typing something into google about spiders through a argument with a mate lmfao so yes thats the reason I stumbled accross wonderful Fluther ha!

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