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There's not enough free space on my Sansa Fuze 8gb player but there is?

Asked by AshlynM (10561points) September 7th, 2010

I was under the impression that 8gb holds over a thousand songs. I have 118 to download.

There is currently nothing on the player itself. No pictures or songs. Does anyone know why it’s telling me there’s not enough free space?

How do I fix this problem? Can I get a detailed, step by step? Thanks!

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Are you using the program that came with the Sansa or are you dragging and dropping?

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Dragging and dropping.

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If the media player has been formatted or is new and so there’s nothing at all on it other than the music you’re trying to put on then you might want to check the size of each music file. Depending on the quality of the audio file the file sizes might be huge (although large enough to limit only 100 or so songs on an 8Gb device, I’m not so sure) so it’s worth checking that out (things like .wav files can be rather large!).

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Lossless audio can be pretty massive, avoid these file extensions:

If you have music in one of those formats check how much bigger it is than the rest and if needed convert it into an mp3 or something. Just google the extension + “to mp3 converter” and look for something free.

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Format can affect file size considerably. My roommate prefers FLAC which takes up more space for two 3-minute songs than a 128kbps MP3 does for an entire 72-minute CD.

Bitrate also has a role; higher bitrates lead to larger files.

Most of those “can hold 1,000 songs” claims have fine print that says something along the lines of “based on three minute songs in WMA format sampled at 128kbps”. Needless to say, a 71-minute trance mix sampled at 192kbps will be larger and you won’t fit 1,000 of those on your Fuze.

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Thanks everyone. I downloaded the songs using WAV format and they all fit. I used a few other formats, but none worked. WAV seemed to do the trick.

Thanks again!

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Spread the lurve OP.

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