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Why is my "new" iPhone 4 already synced to another iTunes?

Asked by quasi (777points) September 7th, 2010

Just upgraded to a new iPhone 4.. the phone was activated at the store (however they do that).. I bring it home and plug it into my iTunes for the first time and it shows up with another person’s name and tells me its been synced to another iTunes. I can sync it to mine instead, but it still shows someone else as the owner of the phone in iTunes.. what it this all about? Was I not told the phone was used, or is this a common thing? Does it get synced to some iTunes before it ships out or when its activated at the store? My old one wasn’t like this, it showed up as new and had me set it up, name it, etc. What the hell?

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This is not normal. I would bring it back to the store and ask them about it. I don’t think anyone of us knows what the deal is better than the people at the store.

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K, that is what I thought. Thanks

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I know @Whitsoxdude said it already but HURRY UP AND TAKE IT BACK NAAAAAOOOO.

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Yea thats a phone someone else owned , a mistake somewhere down the line has been made . You should get two iPhone4rs from the company and send the second to me .

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