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Can I wish my jelly friends a Happy New Year and Chag Sameach?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 7th, 2010

I’ll be with family, welcoming the New Year with apples and honey. Hope you will too. See you “next year” – Wednesday evening, i.e.

P.S. This is a good opportunity for those who aren’t celebrating to ask us questions about it – it’s rather an exotic holiday, if you think about it – I mean, New Years in September??? Apples in Honey? WTF?

Shanah Tovah.

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Happy New Year to you @zen_. I hope you have a great time with your family!

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Happy new year, friend @zen_.

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Are women allowed to enjoy the festivities?~

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Who else is gonna cook and clean? ~

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What are the special traditions?

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Happy new year, zen! May it bring you many blessings.

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Thank you Oh Mod est leader. Blessings upon thee.

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Happy New Year, @zen_ . Doing anything special in the next couple of days other than what’s written in the link you supplied above? Does your family have its own traditions for this holiday?

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^ Thanks Jake. Nope – just that. I wish I could be in Hawaii – love to take my son there some day – he loves surf sports. Maybe next “New Year” – what’s the weather like now? Last week and next week? Good surfing?

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I don’t surf, @zen_ , but I see them doing it. I live on the Big Island which doesn’t have the best beaches for surfing. You really have to be on Oahu for that. That’s the island where Honolulu is.

Weather you ask about? It’s beautiful! It’s perfect! It’s paradise! Now, last week, and next week, too. Each island has a wet side (east) and a dry side (west). I live in a rainforest, so it rains more than most places. It rains about 3 meters/year as a matter of fact. Many homes have enormous tanks that capture the rain water off the rooftop, and it gets used throughout the house for everything but drinking.

Next year in…Hawaii!

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:-) Thanks!

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Shana tova!

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Sounds great! Le׳hitra׳ot axar kax!

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Have a lovely holiday, all of you who celebrate it!

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Shanah tovah!
@zen_….i highly recommend that visit to Hawaii, altho it will be a lot of miles for you to travel (if you stop in Los Angeles, perhaps I can buy you a drink). The traditional luau is great fun, altho kosher, it is not!
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Happy New Year. What is the significance of apples and honey?

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@Adirondackwannabe The apples are a symbol of rebirth (round apples, circle of life, etc.) The honey is for a sweet New Year. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Thanks, that’s kind of cool. I like the symbolism. Almost makes me want to join up. (Anyone that takes offense at that mellow out. I’m kidding) Thanks D:)

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Happy New Year.

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@gary I’ll take you up on that one day. And I don’t eat kosher at all.

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Happy Jew Year! Love your Gentile in your two Jew and one Gentile sandwich

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Happy 5771!

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Shanah Tovah, all!

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OK, now we have to get ready to atone for our sins…

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^ True dat.

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