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Is there a little bit of Jew in You?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) September 7th, 2010

I just realized that I’m a Jew. My Mother’s Maiden name is Solomon. It never dawned on me, but can you get any more Jewish than Solomon?

As I understand it, both Nazi and Jew attribute family heritage to the Mother’s side. Am I mistaken?

I’m not really upset about this. It just surprised me because my family always told me that Solomon was Egyptian. What a crock! I’m wondering if they were ashamed of being Jewish, or something, I don’t know.

So does Solomon mean that I’m Jewish or not? I think it does.

Have you discovered any surprising heritage in your family lineage?

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Yes, there is a little bit of Jew in me.

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Solomon was a man though… Jewish king. I believe if you’re born from a Jewish mother then you’re Jewish. I think you also need to get circumcised. Try contacting a local orthodox rabbi to confirm it?

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I’m Jewish with a hint of Goy.

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If you don’t want to ask a local orthodox rabbi, then try submitting a question on these sites.

Ask The Rabbi


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I can only answer the last sentence of your question. I knew I was Russian, Ukranian and Slavic. I was surprised to learn on my mother’s side my gram’s father was Hungarian.


I know there are millions of Chinese and Asian Jews, so who knows, there is still a chance! I do love Jewish food, like Gefilte Fish and Matzoh Balls. Lol. ;)

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I always knew I had a bit of German, English, Irish, Dutch, and French in me. When I met my biological father (I was 18 years old), I was amazed to discover I also have a touch of Native American Indian (Cheyenne), too.

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Who cares?

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It’s kind of funny… in middle school, I listed my mixed heritage to my class during a presentation and one boy said, in a particularly obnoxious voice, “How is that even possible?”

My father is a third-generation Mexican-American (with both Spaniard and indigenous roots, though of what specific region I cannot say.) My mother told me, at first, that she was German, English, Dutch, and had one branch of the family that was Native American Indian (but I don’t know what tribe.) She later informed me, that if you trace her family even further back, her father’s side was entirely Irish and her mother’s side had a bit of Russian history. I wouldn’t bat an eye if I found out one day that my heritage included roots elsewhere.

I think it’s quite fun to trace our heritage and always encourage others to go searching. It doesn’t change who I am by any means (as I am not my parents or my parents parents, etc.) but it makes me feel like I am part of the world when I consider how many people came before and all the places they had been.

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My nose is adequate enough to be a Jew. I am not kidding. I’ve even been asked it few times before.

The sad part is none of that was a joke. lol.

I believe there is little a Jew in me. :D

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You all realize that the OP doesn’t mean whether you have a ittle Jew in you – and if you do – let him out for God’s sake – it’s the New Year.

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Yes, but not for long. I inadvertently ingested the tip of the proprietor’s finger at the Jewish deli where I ate lunch today. It was in my sandwich as a consequence of his attempt to text while slicing pastrami.

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Never be ashamed of your heritage. I am of German & English descent, apparently my ancestors were the Brothers Grimm as in Grimm Fairytales.
@Steve_A, why do jews have big noses? because the air is free. :)
@ratboy, did he charge you more for extra meat?

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My grandmother’s maiden name is David. So…maybe?

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Ahh, like Steven Spielberg’s wife during lovemaking you mean? No I don’t believe I have…long summer :¬)

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Spielberg say ouch!

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I am French German , Holland Dutch. I am jewish on my father’s side.Actually my grandparents are concentration camp survivors. You should check into it. Finding about your family tree can be fun and interesting.

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Aren’t all of the French a bisele German?

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No, but I’ve been in a Jew.

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^ So a Jew had a little of you?

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I don’t have any Goy in me.

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Her name was Linda, and she was Dutch.

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Because the air is free! HaHaHa. That’s hilarious, @octopussy, just hilarious. I’ll pass that on to all my Jewish friends… and relatives. By the way, I know lots of people with big noses who don’t an ounce of Jewish blood.

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Not that I know of, but anything’s possible. My family mostly came from Ireland and England, with a bit of German as well. My mother’s grandmother was (supposedly) full Shawnee and Chickasaw, so there’s Native American there as well.

It wouldn’t bother me to find out I’m a little bit Jewish. I could start yelling “Mazel Tov!” all the time and not be a poseur!

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@Austinlad That joke is so old… I fell off my dinosaur when I hoid it. If you like Jewish jokes, we are the source for ‘em. Here’s a bunch, and the site has over 2000; start with the more anti-semitic self-deprecating humour. No-one out-Jews a Jew.

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I’m drunk and jewy

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Yeah, @zen, old anti-Semetic jokes are always a hoot, aren’t they? Best I pass on making this a debate.

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^ I was serious: like Woody Allen and Mel Brooks, some of the best jokes I’ve heard are by Jews about Jews – and they are anti-semitic, when you think about it – but they’re funny. The size of a nose, money, circumision et al. No offense – I just linked you to a funny website.

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@Austinlad, glad to have made you smile, the world would be pretty thin on jokes without the Jews and the Irish.

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@octopussy—sorry, but smile is not what I did. I’m not especially thin-skinned about my religion, but I hate Jew jokes. Scratch one and you’ll usually find a shard of anti-Semitism.

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Lot’s of Jew in me. As far as I know my entire family is Jewish all the back.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies The Solomon side of your family easily could be from Egypt, they could be Egyptian Jews. My married name is found all over North Africa and the Middle East, I personally know people with my last name from Egypt and Iran, and of course the collective knows my husband is Mexican. Not sure if the surname Solomon is always Jewish. Certainly as a first name it is used by Jews and Christians, and I assume Muslims also. It’s a very nice name, means peace, from Shalom. Or, wise from the bible.

Jews do say Judaism is passed down through the mother. If your mom’s last name is Solomon, I would guess that is her father’s name, and so with this definition of Judaism being passed down, your mom is not Jewish, so you are not either. Many reformed Jews don’t care which parent is Jewish. For me you might have Judaism in your family generations back, but being Jewish is about living Jewish, identifying Jewish. I don’t mean the person has to follow all of the Jewish laws or even go to synagogue, or even be religious, but they would need to be able to identify Jewish for themselves, and not just have it be part of their family history. IMO.

Edit: I just realized you wrote it is your mothers maiden name, so then it would be your maternal grandmother, but again, unless your great grandparents on that side were both Jewish, it would be your grandmother’s father who was the Jew, again that would break the chain.

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there is some jew in me on a semi-daily basis

im not usually a perv, but i couldnt resist. sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

but on a more serious note, technically, no, there isn’t, but i am celebrating rosh hashanah with my jew and we’re going to a service! my first one!

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It’s entirely possible.

My maternal grandmother’s family is from one of those groups of American peoples that amalgamated, shall we say, in the Virginia Tidewater/Carolinas area starting back in the late 1600s. Some of those people were supposedly Iberian Conversos or secret Jews, as well as English, Irish, Scots, indigenous local tribes and West Africans, although research is ongoing.

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No, but I love having a bit of jew in me ;-)


I think Jewish food is one of the best, and I’d convert just because of that alone! ;)

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^ You’d feel welcome and fit right in – with the Ultra Orthodox Jews, that is. They, too, still live in the dark ages where it comes to women: barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen – just the way you like ‘em.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I grew up mostly on Italian food in my house, and regular old American food. I had brisket at my grandmother’s house once in a while, my mother has never made a brisket. I didn’t have gafilte fish, yuck, until I was in my early 20’s. I do love matzoh ball soup for Passover, and if your consider a bagel Jewish, I eat them every so often. I don’t know anyone who eats “Jewish” food all of the time. My husband’s paternal side of the family are Sephardic, so they eat Mediterranean foods, if you are talking about that sort of Jewish food, that sounds better to me.

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Your parents probably told you that your Egyptian surname was “Solomon.” There is no need to assume that the name makes you Jewish. Sulaymān is the Arabic last name for Solomon. The pronunciation is very similar. Your mother’s family most likely anglicized your Egyptian family name—phonetically spelling your family name “Sulaymān” as “Solomon.”

This is quite common among Americanized names.

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