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Why Asians as a group (not individuals) because their culture that does encourage self-centeredness are accused of being selfish and destroy the World Economy?

Asked by chen_lao (29points) September 8th, 2010

Mainland China is the world’s most populous nation and most affluent country in Asia but many people back in the States think we should give up our leadership and leave the place History has reserved to us. For example in the 1990s when Deng’s pushed for market-oriented reforms He received accuses of being a Communist from the western world forcing Him to comment: “Hide your strength, bide your time, and do what you can.”

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Of course Asians as a group are not a problem. It is their leadership and wealthy elite who are the problem. Just like in the US.

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Really?? I’ve never heard anyone say that about Asian culture. China certainly has enough people that they could support a closed market economy, like Japan. What I have heard is that Asian cultures traditionally lack innovation.

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I have never heard that Asians are self-centered or heard that they are ruining the world’s economy.

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The US can’t keep from accusing its own government of Communism. Don’t be surprised when they say the same about any other country.

Really, we’re all still living in the Red Scare. We just have computers now, so we can let everyone know about it.

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You have to be careful that the leadership of your country isn’t lying to you. I have never heard such statements in the US media about China as those you have written here.

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anyway, more importantly, when is China going to leave Tibet?

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Asian cultures tend to be exactly the opposite of self centered. Their belief is the individual is not as important and the family. The family is not as important as the town. The town is not as important as the state. The state is not as important as the nation. And if you follow that logic to its natural conclusion, the nation is not as important as the Earth and all its peoples.

We are 2.3% of the world’s population. Why should we expect to forever consume 25% of its resources and dominate nations that are 4 times as populous as we are? Isn’t believing that a bit self centered.

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