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Do tall girls have a hard time finding a boyfriend?

Asked by PopTarts (53points) September 8th, 2010

i am living in the philippines, so basically full of short people. i am 18 and am 5’9 in height. i never did have a boyfriend coz i am too tall for almost all the guys i know. do you think i can still find a guy?

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I don’t know if Philippino guys are generally shorter than other guys, but I know that I’m 6’0 and 18, and I’ve had a few boyfriends. I suppose if you want a Phillipino boyfriend, you’ll have to find one that doesn’t care about height (I think it’s superficial, and it should be what’s in your heart, but whatever).

Would you rather date a Phillipino guy than another race?

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filipino guys are approximately 5’6…. some are even 5’4 below…lol
btw, what’s your nationality?

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I know that my current boyfriend, who is 5’6” or so, met a lot of roadblocks while dating because women wanted taller men. Here in the US, most of the guys I know admit that they’d hesitate if set up with a taller woman. I don’t get it, either way.

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@poofandmook : I think that it might be a self esteem issue… if someone’s taller than someone else, it might come across as someone being more dominant or something.

My mom always said that short women get tall men… or whatever.

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Height is no more of a measure of a person than hair color, etc. Ignore the height, look at the person.

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@Adirondackwannabe : Yeah, but not everyone is like you. xD
I wish more guys were like that, but unfortunately…

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@Adirondackwannabe : hmmm… i think guys get intimidated by my height…. i dunno… alot of guys says they like me but i am too tall…

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I have somehow the same issue… and it’s not just about scaring other guys, because there are shorter guys who try to hit on me… but I have had taller and shorter boyfriends, and I feel more comfortable in general if they have the same height as me or more. Don’t worry, sooner or later, if someone really likes you, will try to date you.

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It’s not the size of the dog in a fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog. Also, I love the feel of a tall girl in my arms. I went out with a girl that was 5’11, I’m 6’1. She felt great.

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@Adirondackwannabe : Yes… that may be true, but you were also taller than her.
I’m not trying to pick a fight – I’m trying to make a point.

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If it makes you feel better, I am 6’1 xD

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@Covergirlita : You go, girl. You beat those standards!

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@troubleinharlem I thought of that as well. I wouldn’t be intimidated by someone taller thn I am. Makes for better slow dancing. :)

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yeah, i’ve been told by my friend to go find a guy from other countries such as canada or US…. but i think that is too unlikely…. never been to any other country YET.

@Covergirlita : you may be 6’1 but the guys in your country might be tall…..

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@Mical: There are loads of tall guys here… and maybe ones that will love you and your height. :D

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I have to say, finding someone who really worths is by itself difficult, but if we have to add conditions such as height, it will be even more difficult for a tall girl to find that person… xDDD

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Not as hard a time as a short guy has finding a girlfriend.

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@Mical in my case, I had my first boyfriend at 20… so be patient…

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@rts486 right u are! but there are lots of small girls… and guys make the move, not girls so it is better for them….

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@Mical yeah, there are tall guys, but the tall guys always end up with very short girls… don’t know if it’s a curse…

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But many time even the very short girls only want a tall guy.

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@Covergirlita hmm, i’m not in a real hurry though, i can wait. my sister had her first boyfriend at 22 and she is not as tall as i am, only about 5’5, and she is pretty.

btw, where do you live?

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@Covergirlita yeah!!!! tall guys usually get very short girls… like my classmate in highschool, he is like a 6 footer and the girl he dates is like only below 5 i think or about 5’1… most tall guys get short girls ( a CURSE)lol

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@Mical I currently live in France… but I don’t like French men… xDDD

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@Covergirlita hehe, why do you not like french? are french guys ugly? lol. BTW, are u thin? coz i get the impression that all tall girls are thin… lol… like me, i am like model skinny…

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Well…I’m not skinny, but I can consider myself average-thin. Most French guys are too posh for me in general, and I also don’t speak very good French. Where I live French people is closed… so it’s difficult to meet new people…

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I love tall girls. I’m 6’2’’, and I have (and would again) dated girls taller than me. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

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@Mical Don’t give up hope, you are a lovely person. Life’s too short to dwell on something as medial as height, there is a guy for you and he wouldn’t care too much about how tall you are or anything else that bothers you.

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Average height is the worst, short and tall girls do more for me sexually.
Also: there’s something to be said for girls that are inexplicably rejected by all the guys they meet.

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I’m 5’5”—maybe a little more. My wife 5’7”. I’ve had other girl friends who were taller. It wasn’t like I was trying to seek out tall women (in fact I’d be interested in seeing what it was like with someone who was shorter than me), but that’s the way it happened. It didn’t seem to bother my girl friends. I never felt awkward about it. It’s no biggie.

Of course, that’s in the US. Things may be different in the Philippines. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were different. Asians, as a broad generalization, seem to be more hung up on traditional gender roles compared to Westerners.

Come to the US. You’ll have guys crawling all over you. So to speak.

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@wundayatta : True… there are more gender roles.
So you should come here!

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Tall women are hot!

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I am 5’9” and I have never had trouble finding a date because of it.

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5+9” is not that tall. I am almost that and never had a lack of bfs.
If you,re 6 feet tall I think generally speaking you’d have a harder time getting dates with the 5’10” guys.

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No, because tall girls can see over the shorter girls and find many more boys.

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There are lots of guys who have no trouble with height. You want a guy who does not have a height hangup.
Katie Holmes is 5’ 9 and Tom Cruise is 5’ 7.

Who do they sleep with when they get bored with each other?

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My son is 5’8” and his wife is 6’. He sure didn’t mind!

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@faye LUCKILY I said generally speaking. I went to a wedding and as the bride stood next to the groom at the altar he barely came up to her elbow. I am so dense I at first thought it was the ring bearer she was holding onto.

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@Aster I saw wedding pictures once and wondered why the groom was sitting down while his wife stood. Well, it was not so! My daughter-in-law laughs at the picture of her sitting on my sons’ knee- silly photographer.

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LOL !!!! I remember dating a guy a foot shorter than me because he took me to good restaurants. lol !!

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I’m 5’8” and I never felt taller than when I was in Tanzania. I was always in the 95th height percentile there. And then I came back to America and was back in the 50th percentile. I am and have always been a little bit self conscious about my height.

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Certainly. A lot of men are drawn to tall women. They find them glamorous.

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Speaking as a guy,
I’m a bit shorter than average in the U.S. (5’9”). I had a girlfriend who was the same height as me, but she loved to wear heels (I think just for the sake of being taller than me). I didn’t have any issue with her being taller than me, that’s really not an important quality to me.
Also, given that taller people seem more “dominant” in a relationship, it would fit my personality pretty well if I was the shorter one in a relationship.

I rarely see girls with men who are shorter than them, but that may not be a statement as to the social stigma of tall girls, but rather just a statement about how men are generally taller.

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I’m 5’9” and it’s been an issue for me before, especially at your age…but mainly on my end.

Just be proud and confident in who you are, you’ll find someone! Lots of guys like their ladies taller!

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awww, thanks guys for the spirit upper :) i think i should just wait for that special someone, as the saying says “height does not matter” or so i should think… :P

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Although I’m a tad bit late in replying this question, two weeks to be exact, I would like to share some first person experiences that I have dealt with. Insecurity is the most unattractive trait that one can have. You constantly question the ones who claim they are tall and asks for their ethnicity and current where abouts in the world. I don’t understand why people think they have to live up to the worlds standards.
I too found myself self conscious about my physical appearance, at first, when approaching men because of my height. However, I have realized that fighting an unchangeable truth left me miserable and came to the conclusion I was simply better off accepting the fact I was taller than most men. Is it a double standard to date or possibly marry someone who is significantly taller, for women, and shorter, for men? I dated a man who was 5 foot 4 and absolutely loved it, do you know why? We both found confidence within ourselves just by being together… to overcome the public and social norms. Damn it, we felt great when we were together. (relationship ended for other reasons not related to height etc)

Why are people so shallow to not even consider others, in this case men, who are shorter than they are? If you keep your mind open, positive, and confident, you will find someone perfect for you regardless to height. They will love you for being YOU.

Ps: I’m 5’9/Born in Canada/Seventeen/Canadian Chinese

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Tall girls are beautifull!!!!!!! I love tall girls. I’m 6’3 by the way

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