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How much is the new itouch?

Asked by PopTarts (53points) September 8th, 2010

i really want an itouch… the newest generation, the one with the cam… how much do you think it costs? i really really want one :O

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They start from $229 – $399 depending on what size you want to get.

Prices via Apple Store

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in stores generally? the 32g….....

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@Mical They generally retail at the same price, i am from the UK and would expect to pay the same in store as they sell for from Apple.

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thanks :) coz here in the philippines gadgetrs usually sell double than from prices in US or anywhere else…. for example, a sony handycam costs about 10,000 pesos in US and costs about 20,000 here in philippines…lol(extortion)

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From 12,490 of whatever your local currency is. (15,999 for the 32Gb). Bear in mind the price is probably more because you have to pay local duties and taxes. In the US that’s usually added on at the time of purchase as different states have different taxes.

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