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What picks you up when life is giving you a tough time?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) September 8th, 2010

This was prompted by the bad day question. When you’re in need of a pick up, where do you turn?

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It would have to be my friends – people you can truly be yourself with, so if you’ve had a bad day, you can spend the evening with them, being allowed to let of steam at first, then forgetting all about it as you jabber on about anything under the sun.

If no friends are available, a phonecall to my sister is often good, but it doesn’t tend to move beyond the letting off steam part.

Losing myself on here is quite nice too…

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A few things, actually. Searching out the best cup of coffee in town, which is usually accompanied by some really nice folks (the kids who work at my favorite Cafe are wonderful!)
Calling people with sympathetic ears.
If it’s really rough, and weather permits, (read: Not too hot) I chop wood. Wielding an ax makes me feel better.

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Usually, a bit of space is the best pick-me-up method for me. If I’m having a rough one, I’ll go for a walk or a drive, and listen to something like this. It’ll clear my head up quickly.

I’ve also found that diving into some sort of project or task (not work/career related) can be pretty cathartic. It’ll take my mind off of the initial problem(s), and by the time I’m done, I’ve forgotten about what was bothering me, and the completion of the project/task is a success in and of itself.

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Reading mushy romance stories with tragic undertones.

Also girly pop music.

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@Zyx Girly pop music?
Edit: Thanks Zyx. That may have done it. AC/DC Thunderstruck, loud and raw.

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I go for a walk or to the gun range,

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A walk on the beach, the popping of a pill and/or flying the helicopter.

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My wife has picked up many a bad day for me, by out of the blue. she will tell me. “honey, its such a funky day….lets pack a bag and head to Aztar(or favorite casino). if there ever was a pick-me-up, this is it. it works, especially if its a winning day. the crowds and the music make everyday a party at Casino Aztar. (that sounded like a commercial).

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My kids will fix any blue mood I am in every time. But for overall nutbusting, beat-you-down bummer trips, I always reflect on what I truly have in my life and compare that to what others don’t especially my own health and well being and I am humbled as to just how fortunate I really am and how very little I have to complain about. Bad times for the most part are relative, transient and hopefully short lived. I have been to hell and back many times and just like all the other bad moments I reassure myself that this too shall pass.

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What @Cruiser said although I could never speak as eloquently,
(And substitute dogs for kids)

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Self-consciousness and rationality. And a good long sleep for my healthiness/concentration.

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Children, my love, my best friend, yoga/tango.

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How about a nice fluther party.

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@Adirondackwannabe You am one psychic dude! I was just going to say that!

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@JilltheTooth If we’re thinking alike, should that concern one or both of us?

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Watching classic comedies with folks like WC Fields, the Marx Brothers, the Road pictures with Hope and Crosby, Chaplin, and so many orhers. Hard to keep taking myself too seriously when I see the famous stateroom-stuffing scene in “Night at the Opera.”

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My boyfriend and family. Also eating and watching a whole bunch of movies.

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