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Could my mouth severely swell from eating potato chips/crisps?

Asked by mamalis (320points) September 8th, 2010

I’m a bit afraid. I RARELY eat crisps. Last night was anxious and uncharacteristically, ate a LOT right before going to sleep. I woke up this morning to severe facial swelling around my mouth and cheek – the side I chewed on! At first I thought I had a stroke – it was so scary. But no “drooping” and everything moves… just very swollen. What could this be?

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Was this a brand you have not had before? I know someone who is allergic to peanut oil and has had reactions to potato chips that were prepared in it.

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You might have gotten little cuts from the sharp chips. Or maybe just too much salt. Do you react to potatoes in other forms? My daughter used to have problems with them.

Maybe try some mouthwash, in case you did get little cuts?

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My first thought was an allergy, as well. Have you ever had a reaction to nuts, or possibly sunflower seeds? Some chips are made with sunflower oil, which can cause an allergic reaction.

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This could be caused by the accumulated germ in your mouth,this is not a problem if you brush your teeth and drink a glass of water (also to prevent dehydration) before sleep. Vitamin C will also prevent this swollen issue from happening.

Another reason I could say that it’s simply because you unconsciously chew your chips with fast and rough movement where those sharp sides of chips could gradually ‘scratch’ and injure your gum.

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Very hard to know if this is allergic, but allergic swelling doesn’t tend to be unilateral (i.e. just on one side of your face). There is a reasonable chance that one or more salivary glands on that side of your face are blocked. Try some warm compresses on your face and a salt water rinse. If it persists, go see your doctor.

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Agree about the salt water rinse. For me, it’s always been a miracle cure.

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Was cottonseed oil in the recipe? Cottonseed oil allergy causes swelling of the surface of the skin, can cause hives and even cystic acne.
I am allergic to this oil; my doctor has warned me that this allergy can cause swelling of the throat. It would be a good idea to find out what caused your problem.

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