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Do you know people in real life who have cartoon equivalents?

Asked by Trillian (21106points) September 8th, 2010

I was thinking about Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Elmer has the gun, but Bugs is way smarter. Elmer does one thing; he hunts. Bugs has diversified for the modern job market. Elmer is really focused, Bugs skips from one thing to the next, never takes things seriously and still manages to come out on top.
I knew an old man named Floyd when I was a kid, a friend of my Uncle Bob, who was himself a country man, not well educated but plenty of savvy. Floyd was like a mountain man. He had a house but no plumbing, shot and ate his own food, probably had a still. His nemesis was the town sheriff. Floyd would be sitting around in his house of an evening and say “You know, I think it’s time to call the sheriff.” He’d lean out his back door, aim his shotgun into the air and fire off a couple shots. Then he’d go sit back down and do whatver he had been doing. The sheriff would show up and watch his house, waiting to see him with poached game. He would stay for hours before giving up and going home. Floyd would give him time to get home and setted in and he’d “call” him again. The sheriff never did catch Floyd poaching, and Floyed never stopped “calling” him. They make me think of Bugs and Elmer.
Do you know peole like this? I wonder if Bugs and Elmer represent real people for the person who thought them up…. I want to hear about your ‘toon doppelgangers, if you have any.

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I know people IRL who are cartoons.

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There are many kind of cartoon in this world,and most of them aren’t internationally exposed to all of us. To answer your question I would say,the Malaysian cartoon Upin and Ipin has some sort of characters that reflect the personality of Melayu people. (native Malayan and Indonesian people)

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@CyanoticWasp Sigh. Is that all you’ve got? You can surely do better than that. How have you been? I saw the boat thing. Like it?
@Doctor_D can you elaborate? I knew a woman years ago who was really smatr, but when she did projects with her oldest daughter it was like watching Lucy and Ethel, they were that incompetent.

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Yes! There was a guy in my old office that was Wally from Dilbert. He had the same hair and even walked around with a coffee cup. The guy was useless but looked like he was doing something. “Never smile; always look concerned and never do anything the first time they ask you. If it is important they will ask again,... and again.”

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@Trillian OK if you want that. The series movie of Upin and Ipin is a traditional movie where all of its characters are made to express and reflect the lifestyle and personality of real world people (especially Melayu people). Upin and Ipin,beside other characters,are twin brother that dress,speak,act,and behave like common kids in Melayu tribe (would be long if I explain the entire synopsis). This movie,of course,offers use both broad and specific generalization about Melayu people. Broad generalization come from the overall aspects of the movie (e.g. many people wear ‘kebaya’,tend to offer ‘lontong’ to other people,etc). Specific generalization is when specific character such as Upin reflects the real image of real person (e.g. My neighbor Melayu kid who love mischievousness but remain polite most of the time,naive,childish,etc just like the Upin character in that movie),most can be seen by observing each specific personality in each character.

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I knew a guy at one of my old jobs who was built exactly like Fred Flintstone. Huge head with dark hair, blocky, thick, low-waisted body with a long torso, short legs and big square feet. When I learned that he has a sibling who is an extremely tiny actress, as many working young actresses are wont to be, I couldn’t believe it. They look nothing alike.

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I met a man who was scarily reminiscent of Peter Griffin.

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Sorry, @Trillian, it’s the best I’ve got for now. I was off on vacation for a week and I needed to get some actual work done.

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I dated Barney Rubble. yep

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s funny. I knew a guy that laughed like that dog, Snidley.
@CyanoticWasp Thanks. Missed you.

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@Trillian -Did you put a muzzle on him? XD

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I don’t know anyone in particular, but I did see someone in a restaurant once who had the most cartoonish eyes imagineable! They were seriously buggy, and I couldn’t help giggling when I saw her.

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I know a few Olive Oyls but no Popeyes.

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I met someone a couple of weeks ago who looked just like Thompson from Tintin. And yes, he looked like Thompson with a “p” not Thomson without a “p”.

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