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What are these big green or gray balls falling from my tree that bang on the roof?

Asked by Aster (19114points) September 8th, 2010

There is a tall tree partially overhanging the roof that has nut balls of some kind almost as big as ping pong balls that I just know would knock a child out if hit on the head with one.Not horse apples or that large but I feel like using an umbrella going outside. What kind of tree is it? It is not a pecan tree.

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Black Walnut. They are dropping now.
Here are some pictures

You can eat them but it is a lot of work and you have to get to them before the squirrels.
I have a junk set of golf clubs and enjoy whacking them out into my woods with a 5 iron. It is really fun.

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I have a tree with the black walnuts @worriedguy has pics of. Keep your kids away from them or the squirrels will attack. :-)

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I have a 1970 Barracuda stored in my barn. Two years ago I went out there and found the floor, seats, and rear deck covered in black walnut husks at least 4 inches thick! Disgusting!
That is when I declared war on Rocky and his friends.

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A Barracuda! Waiting for Barrett-Jackson?? My dad had one in olive green and sold it cheap. Real fast, white leather.
I hate this tree.

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The Grinch stole Christmas a little early?

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It is a messy tree and puts out juglone which kills other plants nearby.

Yep. I am the original owner. Rocky, Chip and Dale, and Mickey have not been around this year.

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