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Will you join me in congrat's for the newest member of the mansion?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36620points) September 8th, 2010

Sea Of Clouds has made it to club 10K. Her helpful answers and her willingness to help out are something else. Reach out and give her a major league fluther party.

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Congatulations, SOC, on your fast climb up to the mansion – I’m honored to have given you some of your last points necessary – you’re a great addition to Fluther!

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Cool pic for SOC
Congrats! You are a great addition to the mansion. Party begins… well how about now? Yea!

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Congratulations. I made sure to bring way more sammiches that bob can eat or stash! Welcome to the mansion.

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Congrats on the 10 Grand Sea of Clouds! Nice job with all the hard work!

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Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts.

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@Adirondackwannabe Thank you for hosting my party! I’m sure you’ll be here soon with your contributions as well! I’m honored to be here!
@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thank you for you kind words and the boost into the mansion!
@chyna Thanks for the kind words and awesome pic (I saved it and will probably use it on my desktop)!
@Trillian Thanks! I’m sure we’ll need the sammiches to keep bob happy. :)
@Cruiser Thank you. I appreciate it!
@faye Thanks! I always enjoy your posts as well!

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Yay yay yay SOC yayyyy!!!!!! Someone’s gonna have to hold my hair back tonight!!1 glug glug glug

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YAY! Here’s to one I consider to be the Official Jelly Nurse! I’ll make the MaiTais this time. Couldn’t ask for a better Jelly to tend to our wounds!

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Congrats to a lovely lady and jelly. When’s the two week leave?

SundayKittens's avatar

@Jillthetooth Is there a thread that assigns all the Jellies jobs in our fantastic Jelly World?
I hire SoCo as Head Nurse!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I agree she’s the best, but tonight why don’t we hire a sub for her. As Zen points out she’s already sacrificed a lot for the rest of us. Thank you and your husband, Seaofclouds.

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

Wooooo hoooo You are in the clouds now baby! Those 10k mansions are pretty nice, the crown moulding, brass door handles, and those hardwood floors to die for, too bad they make you wait for the 20k before they give you the bidet. ;-)

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@SundayKittens Thanks! I can’t hold your hair back tonight, but I can offer you a scrunchie. I plan to enjoy the festivities this evening!
@JilltheTooth Awww, you are so sweet. I think I’m going to cry! Thank you for all your kind words!
@zen_ Thank you… it’s in a few more weeks (before the end of the month!).
@Adirondackwannabe Thanks again… you guys really are going to make me cry! I appreciate the support you guys have given me and shown towards my husband! It really means a lot to me!
@Hypocrisy_Central Thank you! I plan to explore the mansion tomorrow. Tonight we celebrate!

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@Seaofclouds : A hearty Ho’omaikai (Congratulations) to you! A job well done.

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Congratumalations @Seaofclouds!!!!! Lurve on!

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Thanks for the scrunchie, @Seaofclouds. At least if I get alcohol poisoning, you’ll be here to help me!
keg stand

Seaofclouds's avatar

@hawaii_jake Mahalo nui loa! (Sorry if I messed that up in any way)
@erichw1504 Thank you!
@SundayKittens You’re welcome. I’m sure we’ll have some other people that can help out if you get alcohol poisoning as well (just in case I’m a bit intoxicated as well). ^_^

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@SundayKittens: I’m sure some docs will show up…let’s give this poor girl the night off! I’ll drive you to the ER if you promise not to barf in my car… ;-)

SundayKittens's avatar

Good point
pours vodka down @Seaofclouds gullet

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@JilltheTooth Ohh, I forgot, Mai Tais sound wonderful! Thank you!!

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May your Sea always be smooth enough for sailing. Congrats.

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Woohoo! Congratulations, @Seaofclouds on getting 10K of luuurrve! Barry White and Isaac Hayes as ‘Chef’ will be coming to serenade you shortly.

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Congratulations, @Seaofclouds! Long may your tentacles wave.

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Congrats Ms. Sunshine! No clouds today!

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

Congratulations! :)

Aster's avatar

Congratulations SOC !! HOPE you like layered taco dip! (whatsitcalled??)

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@Seaofclouds You are a woman of wisdom and heart. It is a plesure to read your posts about medical issues, life as a military spouse and motherhood.

Congratulations on another accomplishment!

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Congrats @Seaofclouds way to go. It’s a 10k day. Enjoy the party. Hooray.

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Wonderful! So good to see you in the mansion! There’s a queen sized bed in your room for when your husband is on leave. Just keep him away from BlueFreedom or they’ll be talking war stories all night!

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Very nice! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, Sea!

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Great job @seaofclouds, congratulations :-)

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Congrats! I’ve appreciated your responses since day 1.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Congrats! I love reading your posts!!!

(the art-eest formerly known as jjmah)

janbb's avatar

@Mama_Cakes The secret is out!

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

@janbb it was dark in that closet. I had to come out..

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A toast to a great jelly. Congratulations!! and Congratulations again.

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Congratulations! :-) Well deserved Lurve!

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Yay! Congratulations @Seaofclouds !

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Congrats. Well done.

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Great work @Seaofclouds!! Thanks for your wonderful contributions, they really do make Fluther a better place.

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Congrats on 10K, and on keeping your head on many topics! WTG!

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WOOHOO SEA! Congrats on the 10k! (:

tedibear's avatar

YAAAAAYYY!!!! Congratulations!

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Yay! Snoopy dance!

Seaofclouds's avatar

@worriedguy Thank you! May your seas always be smooth enough for sailing as well!
@aprilsimnel Ohh my own personal serenade! Nice! Thank you!
@marinelife Thank you!
@BoBo1946 Thanks! I agree, no clouds today. We need a nice day to party!
@lucillelucillelucille Thank you!
@Aster I love taco dip! Thank you!
@janbb Thank you for those kind words. It’s nice to know people really like my contributions. :)
@shego Thank you!
@KatawaGrey Awesome! I’ll have to my husband locked in the room while he’s here. :) No time for war stories!
@syz Thanks!
@rebbel Thank you!
@OreetCocker Thanks!
@le_inferno Aww, thank you. That means a lot to me!
@Mama_Cakes Aww, thank you! I like the new name!
@AmWiser Thanks!
@harple Thank you!
@wilma Thank you!
@tinyfaery Thanks!
@FireMadeFlesh Thank you, I appreciate the kind words!
@filmfann Thanks…that’s not always the easiest thing to do. ^_^
@ducky_dnl Thanks hun!
@tedibear Thank you!
@papayalily Yay! Let’s dance. Thank you!

Coloma's avatar

A barge full of hot Samoan dudes with big bananas for you!

Congrats..I always love the playfull and humorous jellies, speaks volumes! :-)

Samoans, S’mores and umbrella drinks for you!

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

You’re a wonderful member of the collective. Congrats, @Seaofclouds!

Seaofclouds's avatar

@Coloma Awesome! Samoans, S’mores, and umbrella drinks are a winning combination! I think I’ll take my share over to that private cove @hawaii_jake showed us.
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Thank you so much!

lillycoyote's avatar

Congrats dear! eyboard not woring! I can ony use the etters that are woring!

Seaofclouds's avatar

@lillycoyote It’s the thought that counts and I appreciate the effort. ^_^ Thank you for joining the party. Hope you keybord straightens itself out soon!

janbb's avatar

@lillycoyote I love your keyboard.

lillycoyote's avatar

I dont I want a the etters! And the uncuation too!

KatawaGrey's avatar

@lillycoyote: Uncuation. I love it.

Seaofclouds's avatar

@lillycoyote I do (remember it that is)! I miss the Delaware beaches! Speaking of Delaware, there is a very good chance that we will be moving to Maryland next year!! I can’t wait to be back near the coast!

lillycoyote's avatar

ataway I have y excaation oints an coas, thats about it as far as uncuation goes As to the etters I a issing, we whats the int I cant te you what etters I a issing because you coudnt see the anyway I can sti give GAs though, y ouse wors

MyNewtBoobs's avatar

@lillycoyote So far, I’ve noticed p, l, m, k, and g. Am I missing any, except for punctuation?

KatawaGrey's avatar

@papayalily: How could she tell you which ones are missing? :P

Likeradar's avatar


MyNewtBoobs's avatar

@KatawaGrey She could say “Yes (I’m missing at least one)” or “No (I guessed them all)”.

Austinlad's avatar

Always room for one more, SOC. Congrats and welcome.

Seaofclouds's avatar

@lillycoyote I’ve noticed p l , k m . ’ are missing. Did you possibly spill something in that area or could it be that there’s a bunch of dust in that area?
@Likeradar Thank you!
@Austinlad Thanks!

SundayKittens's avatar

Don’t fix it, it’s too much fun!
I’m imagining you talking like that because your mouth is full of cake.
Who else is totalllyyy wasted?? This party is off the hooook!!!

shpadoinkle_sue's avatar

Whatta wonderful day! Congrats to you, Seaofclouds!

lillycoyote's avatar

I bac I ogged off because it was too frustrating and coudnt og bac on because I was issing one etter essentia to enter y user nae! You have the etters retty uch right I finay figured out that I coud og bac on if I cut and asted the necessary etters fro a any text docuent The robe is with y ato, did you get that not with y desto I cant even write O O I a out of town so I ony have y at with me whoa! I got an m there! aybe things are ooing u but what haened to y m there wtf

Seaofclouds's avatar

Lol, I think I got all of that. Hope your trip goes well and the laptop isn’t essential for work right now. :)

lillycoyote's avatar

seaofcouds yes you got it retty uch right! And thats very good because reading it bac I dont even now if I get it! And no, the ato is not essentia to y tri Its ust that a ato eyboard is ore of a ain in the ass to reace than a desto eyboard

augustlan's avatar

Congrats, Sea! You’ve been a terrific addition to our community. I’m so glad your friend asked you to check us out!

Seaofclouds's avatar

@augustlan Thank you, so am I!

Brian1946's avatar

Congrats on your magnificent ascension, Soc! :-D
You’re one of the most respectful and intelligent jellies that I’ve met.

BoBo1946's avatar

You are a Sweetie SC!

janbb's avatar

@lillycoyote Have you ever read a James Thurber book called The Wonderful O? It’s about an island where they stop using “o“s and multiple puns ensue. It’s a great book; you letterless posts are reminding me of it. (And now back to our regularly scheduled party.)

Seaofclouds's avatar

@Brian1946 Thank you!
@BoBo1946 * blushes * Thanks!

Kayak8's avatar

Many congratulations my friend!

SundayKittens's avatar

Ughhhhh, what happened last night? Why am I wearing a tablecloth?
holds head, secretly blames @Seaofclouds

cookieman's avatar

Nice Job!

Buckets of Lurve for Sea of Clouds.

Seaofclouds's avatar

@SundayKittens I didn’t see anything. I was in the private cove with the Somoans, s’mores, and umbrella drinks. ;)
@cprevite Thank you!

Bluefreedom's avatar

Congratulations on a great achievement! Nice work!

mattbrowne's avatar

And once again, affengeil, astrein, atemberaubend, ausgezeichnet, außergewöhnlich, beachtlich, beeindruckend, bestens, bezaubernd, blendent, brilliant, cool, echt super, einwandfrei, entzückend, erstklassig, exquisit, extrem stark, exzellent, fabelhaft, fantastisch, fesselnd, fulminant, genial, gigantisch, grandios, großartig, göttlich, hammer stark, hervorragend, hinreißend, hip, klasse, knorke, krass, perfekt, prima, sagenhaft, saustark, sensationell, spitze, toll, top, traumhaft, unglaublich, verdammt gut, vortrefflich, vorzüglich, weltklasse, wow, wunderbar, wundervoll.


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It’s never to late to say Congratulations!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

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