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What occupations would you consider easy work?

Asked by Aster (19260points) September 8th, 2010

YEAH, we often hear that someone,s parent worked so hard all his life or,” I work my tail off to support my family.” Are there any jobs you,d consider more fun than work or just quite easy? (,scuse punctuation. pc is now ready to be picked up) ((-:,

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Mattress tester! That is one job I’d work hard at trying to get haha!

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Programming, physically extremely easy to do..mentally, different story sometimes… depending how good you are.

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Well, they say when you’re doing something you love, you don’t work a day in your life.

Anything you do as a job is going to have some level of stress, whether it be pressure from an employer, or worrying about drumming up business for a small business.

I’d say the easiest work (ignoring the business management aspect) would be something artistic, that one would do for their own enjoyment anyway. Every clown I’ve ever met has loved their job. I’d also throw in just about any other performance-type work. Actors, dancers, musicians, etc.

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Most people would say that they’re overworked and underpaid; most people think they work harder than the next guy. These days, much of this is probably true. That said, the “trick” to an “easy” job in life is doing something you love or are great at. It’s not trite, it’s true. To be able to craft a profession from something at which you’re innately talented, is truly the key to a prosperous and “easy” profession. One person’s “12 hours of sweat” to you – would be a labor of love. Time goes by quickly… And when you’re good at something you have the competitive edge. I’ve worked very hard and long in my life but when I’ve loved it, it was satisfying and worth it!

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I think I,ll start with professional artist as in painting. Is cymbol player the correct spelling? I doubt it. Housesitter comes to mind.
Mattress tester still has me laughing.

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@Aster-I am a professional artist and do enjoy my work very much.It is not always easy though ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Hi I mean an easy profession that wouldnt ordinarily warrant an attitude of, “I worked myself to death all my life for you.” I was curious if anyone else knew of any occupations where the remark would be unwarranted. zzzzz…

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A food taster.

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