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Which areas in India is a red saree a symbol of wedding/marriage?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) September 8th, 2010

Which areas in India is a red saree a symbol of wedding/marriage? A friend had told me a red saree is a general symbol of a wedding/marriage in India however I recently asked someone else (living in India) whether it was the case and they said not in their area.

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“Red sari has been traditional choice for bridal wear in India, since times immemorial. The color is considered to be very auspicious and is deemed to be associated specifically with marriage. However, these days, many brides have started opting for other colors in their sari as well, such as golden, pink, orange, maroon, onion-color, magenta, brown and even yellow. Even dual toned saris, as in red and yellow, green and brown, yellow and orange, pink and blue, have started wooing the brides of the present generation.”

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I have a younger friend who is a Sikh. Her last name is Singh, as are many Sikhs. She wore long red dress for her wedding ten years ago in Cambridge, MA. it was her only nod to the traditional Sikh ceremony. She has a PhD from Harvard in Women’s Studies and is now a don at Oxford.

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I think that would be Muncie.

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In Hindu religion red colour sarees is symbol of auspiciousness for wedding, Mostly areas in india have a red saree as a symbol of wedding. Especially North india has more red sarees tradition.

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