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Help me find things to decorate my "Starry Starry Night" room?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) September 8th, 2010

Okay, since we’ve just moved, I have a brand new bedroom! I got this big poster of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Starry Night’, and I’m looking for decorations so that I could have a sort of theme.

I’ve been searching on Etsy for star themed objects, but they mostly have jewelry. Does anyone have any Etsy-like websites, bedroom ideas, etc?

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Maybe you should paint the room navy blue, or have just a wall painted according to the painting. Try to go for a more “provincial” look, so to speak and decorate with star-themed objects, as you are already planning on doing. And use curtains wisely! Good luck!

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@radioethiopia : Well, the windows are kind of small so there wouldn’t really be any room for curtains anyway. But I was thinking… sort of star-shaped pillows, maybe?

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That seems nice. You could also have dark blue bed sheets or something of the sort to complement the pillows.

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Glow in the dark stick on stars.Oh Yeah! I had those when I was a kid.

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Here is a VanGogh’s disappearing ear coffee mug that might make a nice accent piece. And here is the link to the VanGogh gift shop that may give you some inspiration. Here is a link to a light up Starry Night pillow and here is a Vincent VG action figure that might make a nice accent piece. Lastly, here is a cow painted to look like Starry Starry Night for the girl who has everything . . .

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I like the stick-on stars idea! You could do a funky, swirly, blue-green tie dye on some bedsheets that mimic that painting. Take pics for us!
pssst, it’s just one “Starry”, btw. :D

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I had stick-on stars when I was a kid and loved them! One of those hanging paper star lamps would also be great.

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Kayak8’s ideas are great…I love throwing in the ear as an accent piece (though technicallllyyyyy….)
Could you do your own interpretation of a starry night from your window and hang it on the opposite wall? That could be cool.

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