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What should I do for my mother's 50th birthday?

Asked by smile1 (493points) September 8th, 2010

Its coming up very soon (12th), so I dont have much time!
My mom has always been the one I look up to and respect her. I love her more than anything in the world!
Since it is her 50th birthday, I want to make it special! My family doesnt do much for each other on birthdays, but im thinking since its her 50th, it should be something more exciting!
She doesnt like me spending a lot of money for her, so whatever it is cant be very pricey. She doesnt have too many friends.

What should I do?

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Take her out to lunch or dinner.

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Write up what you just told us and have someone who knows Calligraphy scribe it out for your signature. I strongly suspect that she will treasure that beyond anything you could buy her! : ))

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Here is a link to a similar question asked on Fluther. You might find some interesting ideas there that aren’t offered up on this thread. Something we did for our mother is the first post, and it was a hit. It is easy to put together quickly and cost very little. I’m sure your mom would appreciate it.

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My dad and I coordinated a surprise party for my mom on her 50th. He took her out shopping and lunch all morning and afternoon, while we cleaned and decorated like crazy. It was a lot of work because, obviously, my mom didn’t know we had all this work to do so she gave us even more work to do!! And then when she got home, she saw the extremely clean house and knew something was up. But she didn’t really put everything together until her friends showed up. It was really nice.

By the way, my sister and I did all this a year and a half ago. I’m 14 now, she’s 10. You can do it!

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@Pied_Pfeffer I really like the idea you gave on that link!!! If only I could contact her family! They are on the other side of the world, and it is very difficult to get in contact with them!! Plus, I only have 4 days to get responses from them!!! But I really do love your idea!!

@ChocolateReigns I think I might do this!!! Great idea!!

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You could make a timeline of her life. Include not only family events, but important historical stuff too.

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@BarnacleBill That is something my mother would really like. I’m so glad you offered it.

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I would do a scrapbooking project, with lots of pictures, and pictures of you and her together..
I believe she’ll love something like this…

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i asked almost exactly the same question and my favorite respose was: do a collage out of photographs and quotes about half a century and stuff. Make sure the pictures are from all ages of her kids, and her, life. frame it. walla, you have a present

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Excellent idea! : D

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I think you can have a star named after someone. This means the world to some people.

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