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Would an annulment be possible in this situation?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11657points) September 8th, 2010

I was married less than 2 months ago. I live in NY state. If I wanted to end the marriage could I opt for an annulment or would I have to get a divorce?

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Talk to a lawyer – they’re the only ones who can say for sure.

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Can you prove that the marriage is invalid for some reason? If I remember correctly, it requires something like one of you being unable to make a rational decision to marry (due to mental illness or incapacitation), impotence causing a lack of consummation of the marriage, or being threatened into getting married. Here is a link with some basic information. From there, go to your lawyer.

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@tedibear It depends entirely on the state’s law.

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If you are within driving distance of the state line, check some of the neighboring states too. They may have more liberal laws regarding annulments. You may have to move temporarily.

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Were you living together before the marriage?

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Here is a FAQ about annulments in NY. Here is another link that discusses them. Hopefully the two of them will give you an idea of what to talk to a lawyer about. You should definitely discuss it with a lawyer. If you don’t meet one of the requirements for an annulment, you would have to get a divorce.

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Make sure this is something you want to do.
So sorry it didn’t work out for you.

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Divorce comes first and should be easy enough after such a short time together and annulments I hear and are a whole other matter between you and your church. Best have good reasons at the ready for both!

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@Cruiser You can get legal annulments from the state in some circumstances. They are generally cheaper than divorces, but have stricter guidlines.

Divorce is how you dissolve a legally recognized marriage. Annulments are how you dissolve what the state considers an illegal marriage.

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@WestRiverrat All good but illegal marriage was not specified in the question and IMO her question regarding a 2 month old “marriage” would refer to a legal marriage.

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Did you consummate the marriage?

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Were you able to get an annulment?

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@chyna No it’s going to have to be a divorce.

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So sorry to hear you have to go through all that.

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Although annulments are much quicker than divorces, they can be more difficult to be granted because of the strict requirement for “voidability” of the marriage. Here’s a legal argument on annulment vs. divorce that may help: Sorry to hear you were not able to get an annulment, but it should work out fairly easy to get a divorce this early in the marriage as there is not the issue of children, combined assets, etc.
Best of luck.

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