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Do you attack issues from a logical end or an emotional one?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 9th, 2010

When it comes to issues do you attack it with logic even to the point of blocking emotion off of it, or do you attack it from an emotional foundation based on how you personally feel even if it flies afoul of the logic?

For instance if you had the issue of who is worse for a community out of a pedophiles or drunk drivers? Most will go off their emotions because of how vilified sex offenders are (but seeing any relations outside marriage is a sex offence as stated by the Bible, but that is a different matter) by the media and such. But if you get to just the facts that thought might not be supported because yearly more people die at the hands of drunk drivers than sex offenders. Unlike sex offenders you don’t know if one lives up your street or what vehicle they drive so you can watch for them while walking your dog. A drunk driver is a danger not only to your child but your entire family even you, etc.

There are many more such issues from eat meat, be vegan; nuclear power, no nuclear power; school vouchers, no school vouchers; going green and using oil; celebrity worship vs. all people are exactly the same and deserve the same treatment, and so on, and so on.

Are you purely with the fact and the logic or more off the emotion and what your heart and gut feels even when you have no logic to back it?

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I make my initial judgments with pathos and then either alter, dismiss, or reinforce them with ethos and logos.

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I use both to be honest, and find that one becomes more dominant over the other depending on how sensitive the issue is.

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It depends what the issues is. Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses, and I try to match them to issues appropriate to these.

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I depends how emotionally invested I am in the issue. I always try to take the logical approach, but when that fails, I at least try to realize that I am abandoning logic in favour of emotion.

I wonder what Seek_Kolinahr’s answer will be?

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I don’t know how to separate the two. Even Mr. Spock had a hard time doing that, which is one of the things that made his character so interesting and why we could relate to him.

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Both! depends really on a lot of things :-/

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Mostly logic.

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Both, but emotion is usually what draws me to an issue.

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I usually start with logic, because that’s what persuades me. However, not everyone is like me – some people, especially conservatives, are more moved by emotion and a good story than logic and facts. If I can, I try to adjust my message, even though that is difficult for me.

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Logic first and emotions if they come into play on the issue are second.

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I exam the facts minus political rhetoric. They never seem able to tell us the facts without a slant.
I base my life on documentation not hype and bullshit.
I am sure my emotions are involved because I am human. I try to exam issues objectively.
I wish more people made the effort.

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Both. It’s called balance.

Logically a tenant that ceases to pay rent would be evicted.

Emotionally if that tenant has fallen on hard times I would take that into consideration and give them options to make arrears.

One extreme or the other is indicative of an unbalanced way of being.

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I deal with it logically but I keep the emotional price of the issue in mind.

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Both. Pure logic = bad decisions as does pure emotion.

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@tranquilsea Does that mean you disagree with Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason?

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I’ve not read it. I’m thinking about a study that I heard/read about recently where they studied decision making. IIRC the outcome was that those individuals who prone to making decision based on logic did poorly compared to those who were more emotional. Sorry I can’t provide sources for you as I was something I just skimmed through.

I don’t think people can base their decision on pure logic as we are emotional beings. Emotions are going to come in it at some point.

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I agree that it depends on the issue.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I usually have a knee-jerk reaction (emotion), then think about it, listen to some other viewpoints and then come to my decision (logic).

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