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Have you found Fluther has helped you out?

Asked by lsdh182 (566points) September 9th, 2010

I mean in more ways than users just answering your questions. Has your writing improved? Do you construct sentences better and easier? Have you made any friends for instance and has Fluther inspired you to do anything differently.
Would be nice to hear other Flutherites’ stories about what they’ve gained from using a site like this.

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I have made some friends on here, and the feeling of belonging to a community is lovely…

I did comment on a mate’s status update on facebook giving a different opinion to what they’d said – completely by accident! (I don’t normally offer different opinions on facebook – people don’t expect it on there!) Oops!

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@harple I agree with the community aspect, and as for Facebook, since I joined Fluther it has taken a backseat! To the point where, when I do get round to visiting I can only stand to stick around for 5 minutes max!

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No. But, Y’all are such nice people.

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@lsdh182 same here! I think that’s why I forgot where I was and gave my opinion without thinking!

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Fluther is a great place to keep my wits sharp, my knowledge current, and my horizons broad. It has helped me out with specific issues at times as well.

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I’ve met a couple people who I’m not sure how I ever managed without.

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@janbb – You are the most bestist.

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I have made a number of friends on the site. I love the feeling of community and caring.

I have learned a lot.

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I’ve made some friends for life on this site. (I met @IBERnineD in Los Angeles last weekend :D)

I find that it’s helped me keep my rambling to a minimum. But the main way it helped me was by getting me through a difficult time when I first joined.

I joined the site on what would have been my father’s 64th birthday. He had passed away 4 years earlier and I still celebrate the day. I was in the middle of Baja providing pro-bono medical service to indigenous communities and was far from family and friends… far from my fiancee. All I had was my laptop and an internet connection.

I stumbled onto fluther and immediately was made to feel at home and found support and insight from a myriad of people from all over. It turned a sad day into a happy one.

The quality of questions may fluctuate and the tone of the site may shift from time to time… but I’m here to stay. I love this place and it means the world to me.

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@Dr_C Touching story, I hope it remains a place that is comfortable and happy for you.

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It has caused me to sharpen the way I write questions and details, and it has given me new impetus to read carefully and thoroughly.

I have made some friends and am making some more.

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@Dr_C Aww, Doc. I’m glad it helped you so much! I had no idea.

In the few months I’ve been here, I have found a few people I chat/talk with regularly and I cannot imagine my life without them. There are others who entertain me immensely. I can enter the chat room and immediately find myself laughing about something. Right now I am going through the hardest thing with my Lola and it’s been a huge help to be able to talk about her as much as I can with a few people (doing so without crying hasn’t been easy). Then there is one special person I am crazy about. Right now (I don’t see this ever changing) we want to talk to each other 24/7 and our days are always better when we receive any type of communication from one another. It’s become a whirlwind romance and I have never experienced such a thing before. He’s helped me smile through being sick and sad over Lola. Fluther is something I started doing because I had writer’s block and I hoped it would bring me out of it. It did and the bonuses from being on this site bring me back daily.

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@free_fallin Lola is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t know exactly what is happening with her but if it’s upsetting you so much come talk to me anytime, I’ve recentley lost my dog, Molly. She was a beautiful bullmastiff and unfortunately her womb ruptured and she died during a painful operation. It still kills me thinking about how she went but all of my good times with her make it better. I hope whatever situation you have with lovely Lola resolves soon.

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Yes. I went out to dinner, once.

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