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Why does my cat sleep on the toilet?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) September 9th, 2010

Ever since I moved into my new apartment, one of my cats likes to take naps on the toilet. Which is adorable, but also inconvenient – I’m always disturbing her and having to scoot her off it. Despite the number of times a day I do this, she still likes to nap there. Is this a common place for cats to take naps? Or is she just a little weirdo?

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Maybe it’s quiet, there, and she can rest peacefully. That’s the only thing I can think of.
my cat drinks from the toilet, but doesn’t sleep on it. she also sleeps in the bathtub… and the closet, and the dryer, and in my boxes…

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It is raised up from the floor and she feels safe there.

Get her a carpeted cat tower and start leaving the lid up on the toilet.

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@troubleinharlem But I disturb her like, every 15 minutes! I have a bladder issue and have to pee all. the. time.

@marinelife Then I drop stuff in there accidentally. $40 worth of foundation literally down the toilet.

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Is your toilet seat warmer or cooler than the floor? It could be that she prefers the temperature of it opposed to the floor.

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@Seaofclouds Um, I think warmer. The floor is granite, and it’s a normal toilet seat, so probably warmer. So then why not the couch/chairs/bed/carpet?

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@papayalily Maybe she likes the firm surface over soft ones? I’m just guessing though.

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Who knows why a cat does anything? I have to say, though, that I firmly believe a cat will do something for no other reason than to annoy at least one household member.

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I don’t know, but my cat sleeps in the bathroom sink.

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She does so because she sees that you enjoy sitting on the thing. Cat’s are notorious for commandeering items of their owners. Mine always sat right atop the car. or on the computer.

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Clean bathroom! My cat does this during and after I clean, she likes the smell of Clean not cleanser- then she sits there and grooms!

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She is a “little wierdo”, but an adorable one.

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Do you have a cover on the toilet lid, or is it just the hard surface? If it’s something soft, cats are notorious for looking for soft surfaces, and elevated, makes it even better. Is the cat there while you are in the bathroom? My cats come in the bathroom, when I’m getting ready for work etc.. I could see them staying, after I left, if they were settled in a soft, elevated place. Also, you stated you have more than one cat. Sometimes one will stake out a place, as THEIRS. . .as in, ” this is MY place. . . there’s one way in, I’ll see you coming, so don’t even think about it.” Is the bathroom warm, or the toilet near a heating vent or other source of heat, or in the sunlight from a window? Those will entice a cat . After I turn the heat up in the morning, one of my cats curls up next to the floor vent, so it blows on her. (Sometimes I hear a whistling sound, and its the small space the cat didn’t cover, when she spread out over the vent!) Does the other cat chase that one? Sometimes, it seems like a certain spot is “base”, like when you’re a kid. “I’m on base! You can’t touch me, as long as I’m on base.” And for some reason, another cat will go along with it. Then when the one is seen, “off base”, they’re fair game!

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@zzc Hard, because the fuzzy covers drive me nuts. It has no windows or extra heat or anything.

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Well, what’s left to say? I tried to find a good, cat-logical explanation. . .I’m afraid, you just have a very weird kitty! It’s just one of her “endearing idiosyncrasies!” . . . that’s how I like to think of some of the little weirdo things I do!

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Have you tried to keeping the toillet door closed at all times? She will have to come up with a better bedroom than the toillet if she can’t come in.

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